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Get Skinny With Your Guy
Five easy-to-do exercises that'll make your relationship (and body!) sizzle.

by Tara Rummell Berson
Want to heat up your relationship? "Working out with your significant other is a sexy way to spend time together," says Carrie Myers Smith, author of "Squeezing Your Size 14 Self Into a Size 6 World." In fact, gyms such as New York Sports Clubs are now offering classes like Fit-a-Sutra, in which couples work on balance and resistance while maintaining eye contact. But you don't need the gym to exercise together. Break out your sexiest sports bras, ladies, because you can burn up a sweat with your man right in your own living room with these simple moves.
Denise Weighs In
Planning activities with your boyfriend or husband — as well as your kids — makes exercise more fun and brings you closer together. Bike riding, walking, ice skating, bowling and dancing are all calorie-burning activities you can do with the ones you love.

Spine-Tingling Stretch
Think of Child's Pose as exercise foreplay. "The playfulness and receptivity of this stretch causes another's heart to open," says Naime Jezzeny, a yoga instructor and owner of Luminaire-Yoga.com, a hip line of yoga accessories.
How to do it: Do Child's Pose by getting on your hands and knees, then lowering your hips down to rest on your feet. Keep your knees wide and your arms outstretched. Rest your torso on your thighs; your palms and forehead should rest on the floor. Get your guy to face the opposite direction and align his spine with yours. He should then spread his arms and lie back over your curved spine, which acts as a support for his passive back bend. Then switch positions — it's a perfect opportunity to test his flexibility!
Body benefits: Your spine, arms, shoulders and legs relax when you stretch the lower back, while pressure on your belly stimulates your internal organs. (The close proximity is sure to stimulate you in other ways too!)

Play Ball in the House
Working out with a medicine ball solo isn't as much fun as passing it around with your guy. To get fab abs (and boost desire), try partnered obliques with a weighted ball. "Exercising large muscle groups elevates testosterone levels in both men and women, and it raises your libido," says Debbie Mandel, author of "Turn on Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul."
How to do it: Stand or sit back-to-back as you pass a weighted ball around yourselves in a continuous motion. (Keep one hand on top of the ball and the other under it as you pass it.) Do 25 reps, switching directions about halfway through. Build up to a heavier ball (up to 14 pounds) and aim for three sets of 25 reps. The faster you go, the better the cardio workout.
Body benefits: You'll lose the rolls and work your biceps, making it a breeze to hold yourself up when you're on top (or in other compromising positions).


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