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Exercise Your Way to a Better Sex Life
Working out won't just make you look great — it can heat things up between the sheets, too!

by Camille Noe Pagán
Does your sex life need a little spicing up? Hold off on the handcuffs and whip cream and hit the gym instead. "The right workouts will fine-tune your pelvic muscles, rev up your libido and increase your stamina," says Debbie Mandel, a certified trainer in Long Island, New York, and author of "Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul." "Equally important, they can boost your confidence and help you de-stress." And that means you're more likely to enjoy yourself and achieve orgasm! Try the following:
Denise Weighs In
Sex isn't just an important part of a loving relationship, but it should also be a part of any healthy woman's life. The great thing is that, for many women, the older you get the more comfortable you are with your body and your sexuality. Intimacy with a partner is often more fulfilling, and reaching orgasm may be easier.

If you want: To want it again
Do: 30 minutes of cardio Never in the mood?
"Stress is a huge libido-blocker for women," says Mandel. That's where cardio can come to the rescue. Physical activity releases tension and boosts testosterone, the hormone that creates sexual arousal. What's more, the average woman takes at least 12 minutes to reach climax; because working out regularly improves stamina, you'll feel less inclined to speed things up.
Try this move: Walk fast on a treadmill or outdoor track for 30 minutes three times a week. The repetitive motion will relax you and allow your mind to wander (or you can daydream about a steamy encounter!). Expect a libido jump-start within a week.

If you want: Something more than missionary
Do: Ashtanga or hatha yoga
Try swapping your same-old bedroom routine for new sex positions once in a while. "A regular yoga practice will increase the flexibility in your hips as well as your limbs, so you'll be more comfortable bending your body in ways you haven't before," says California yoga instructor Marlon Braccia, creator of the hit video "Yoga for Absolute Beginners."
Try this move: Cat pose loosens your spine and hips. Start on your hands and knees, with your hands just in front of your shoulders and your legs about hip-width apart. As you inhale, tilt your tailbone up and let your spine curve downward; lift your face up to look at the ceiling. Exhale and reverse the position, tilting your pelvis down while pulling your chest and stomach in. Repeat three times once or twice a week as part of your regular yoga routine; your flexibility and posture should improve after a week or two. For best results, combine with a weekly yoga routine.

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