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January 23, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
If you want
to make God laugh,
tell him your plans.

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Guest of the Week - Gerald Celente

On January 25 2005 - Gerald Celente, director of the Trends Research Institute. Heís better at predicting than a crystal ball.

Health Tips of the Week

  • Cold weather means higher blood pressure for many of us. Winter is the worst season for heart disease. So dress warmly!
  • More Americans than ever are being treated for substance abuse, depression, and other mental health disorders, but the treatment they are getting is increasingly limited to prescription drugs alone. Therapy is not increasing, but drug therapy like Prozac is.
  • Enrolling children in first grade when they are a bit older may give them a head start on building their self-esteem. Researchers found that students who started first grade at an older age relative to their classmates scored higher on measures of self-esteem years later. Also, those students from two parent homes and those who attended clubs and played sports scored higher as well. There are many factors involved in building self-esteem.
  • Women are still more likely to go undiagnosed when it comes to a heart attack than men. This puts women at a significant risk of not receiving the treatment they need. The latest in a long line of medical studies indicate that women diagnosed as having had a heart attack tend to be treated less aggressively and have a poorer prognosis compared to men. Womenís symptoms are often slightly different: Indigestion or gas-like pain, dizziness or nausea, unexplained fatigue, discomfort or pain between the shoulder blades, recurring chest discomfort and a sense of impending doom.
  • Sometimes when a car crash victim is evaluated in the Emergency Room, there may be no immediate signs of serious chest or abdominal injury which later proves to be life threatening. However, knowing what the steering wheel looked like is very helpful in measuring the force and type of crash.
  • The new dietary guidelines for Americans are the most demanding as far as fruits and vegetables are concerned - nine servings a day! A serving equals a half a cup. Remember itís not an all or nothing proposition. Try to eat as best as you can to reap the benefits.

Article of the Week - How to Stop Feeling Guilty

Feeling guilty has deep archetypal roots, thatís why it is universal and why people in our lives sometimes try hard to make us feel guilty because we are susceptible; in fact, guilt ruined it for all of us in the Garden of Eden. When God told Adam and Eve that they could eat anything in the garden except for one forbidden fruit, of course, it was a set up. Tell any child you can eat anything you want in the pantry except that box of crackers in the corner, you know the outcome! So what did Adam and Eve have to feel guilty about? Absolutely nothing! What had changed the moment they felt guilty? Their perception of who they were and most importantly, fear and doubt entered their hearts to ruin Eden for them: the Genesis of guilt! Yes, I remember that they were evicted, but they were already unhappy Ė eviction was just a physical consequence of their state of mind.

What do we feel guilty about? ďIím so happy that I just canít stand it!Ē Our expressions reveal the spirit of the matter. Watch any soap opera. As soon as a character announces that he or she is blissfully happy, well then the flood gates of catastrophe are unleashed on that character. That says a lot about our mindsets.

Here are some things we typically feel guilty about: More

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With all the talk about overweight children, if I wanted my son who is a bit chubby to strength train, what are the guidelines I should follow? (Carol, Greenvale) Answer

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