Debbie Mandel’s
Turn On Your Inner Light
Weekly Wellness Newsletter
January 30 2005

Affirmation of the Week
If you treat every situation
as a life-and-death matter,
you’ll die many times.

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Guest of the Week - Dr. James Krystosik

On February 4, 2005 - Dr. James Krystosik, author of Carbs from Heaven Carbs from Hell. He is the director of the Country Doctor’s Clinic in Ohio and will show us the other side of medicine which uses food to heal.

Health Tips of the Week

  • According to the American Heart Association exercise is critical for heart patients, but far too few heart patients exercise regularly or take advantage of programs that aim to prevent second heart attacks. Exercise slows the build up of fatty plaque in the arteries and strengthens the heart itself. It also promotes weight loss, leads to a decrease in blood pressure and blood fats such as triglycerides, raises "good" HDL cholesterol, and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • The latest study reports: The same things that burden a middle-aged heart can push the brain towards dementia decades later. That's all the more reason to quit smokings and get cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure under control as soon as possible.
  • New research shows that there is no correlation between personality types and cancer. So if you are a type A personality, a highly extroverted person loving the stress of the social scene, or remain calm during highly stressful situations by holding in your feelings, don’t worry it won’t cause cancer.
  • Scientists have demonstrated that a salad with vinegar (or lemon juice) helps slow down the absorption of sugar and white processed carbs. The acid content in just one tablespoon of vinegar with a meal can lower blood sugar levels by thirty percent
  • The consumption of carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages has increased significantly among both athletes and recreational athletes. The frequent intake of these acidic sports drinks can lead to dental erosion. New carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drinks have been designed which are less acidic or contain calcium which has been shown to reduce enamel erosion

Article of the Week -
How to Avoid the Heartbreak of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day fast approaches in a red-heart shaped chariot driven by the media and the card industry. Chocolatiers, florists, lingerie boutiques and let us not forget, jewelers, are passionate about this holiday. In contrast, those who are alone, or severed from a meaningful romantic relationship feel their plight more intensely. And those who are in an ordinary relationship with a frog feel miserable that they do not have a prince in their lives as depicted in the movies, TV and the magazines. Simply put, reality cannot compete with fairy tales. Therefore many of us experience a day of quiet desperation because of this heartfelt PR blitz. We have allowed it to invade our sanctuary.

So what is the truth about Valentine’s Day and true love? The answer is identical to the truth about happiness: Love and romance all depend on perception. In order to experience love, you have to love yourself first. You have to feel worthy of love, not inadequate. If you know how to love yourself and delight in your whole being, then you can accept love from another. If you are waiting for some prince charming to sweep you onto his white steed, carry you into the palace and complete you, we can both laugh about it. The only person who completes you is you! When you know what it is that you specifically contribute to a relationship, then you play both parts - the fair maiden and the prince. You can virtually write and direct your own life story. You can make it happen with your creativity, beauty, spirit and strength. Now that’s self-confidence or what I like to refer to as “healthy narcissism.”

Here is how to celebrate a Happy Valentine’s Day, everyday: More

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It’s the time of year where I start getting into my lower body and really start working my legs and abs; any suggestions on a program that I could use?(Tricia, Syosset Answer

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