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March 02, 2017

Affirmation of the Week
Consistency is overrated

Health Tips of the Week

  • Scientists claim that the probiotic combination of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, sold as Kyo-Dophilus in stores, helps maintain digestive health and parts of the immune system to ultimately alleviate symptoms of allergy sufferers. They feel that probiotics might work by increasing the human body’s percentage of regulatory T-cells, which in turn might increase tolerance to hay fever symptoms.
  • Scalp cooling can lessen some chemotherapy-induced hair loss, one of the most devastating hallmarks of cancer, in certain breast cancer patients, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  • Women athletes are 50 percent more likely than male athletes to have a sports-related concussion according to a preliminary study released today that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 69th Annual Meeting in Boston.
  • According to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital childhood cancer survivors are living longer. Now research shows they are also less likely to develop second cancers while still young. The decline followed a sharp drop in the use of radiation therapy for treatment of childhood cancers.
  • Taking popular heartburn medication for prolonged periods may lead to serious kidney damage, even in people who show no signs of kidney problems, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the Veterans Affairs St. Louis Health Care System. The drugs are sold under brand names such as Prevacid, Prilosec, Nexium and Protonix.
  • A review of worldwide studies has found that add-on treatment with high-dose b-vitamins- including B6, B8 and B12 can significantly reduce symptoms of schizophrenia more than standard treatments alone.
  • Eating fish and seafood with higher levels of mercury may be linked to a higher risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) according to a preliminary study that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology.
  • A new study from Tufts suggests that substituting whole grains for refined grains in the diet increases metabolism and calorie losses during digestion.
  • Eating a Mediterranean diet could decrease the chances an overweight person will experience regular pain, new research from Ohio State suggests.
  • People who eat a gluten-free diet may be at risk for increased exposure to arsenic and mercury, toxic metals that can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurological effects, according to a report in the journal Epidemiology.

Article of the Week

How to Emerge from Winter Fatigue

Winter is almost over, so why do you feel fatigued, achy and low-spirited? The angle of the light has changed; in fact, there is more daily light for activity. Plant life is pushing through the dark hard packed earth creating an inspirational model for us to follow: A brand new consciousness, the optimism for a fresh start without the weight of a self-depleting past, filled with self-pity. This is the restorative season for experiencing renewed energy and seeking sensory pleasure.

Inspired by the change of the seasons, I intend to take my cue from nature: Get down dirty in the earth to clean out the dead wood, plant seedlings and create beautiful flowers with sensory power along with power-packed vegetables and fruits to nourish body and spirit. Also, I intend to grow as a person in ways unimaginable, unleashing underground potential. Are you ready too? more

Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life

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Stress will always land on your doorstep, but you don’t have to constantly open the door. It’s time to build immunity to external pressures and cultivate an inner peace which does not depend on outside influences. Shed that endless to-do list. Leave the straight lines of your personality to enjoy the surprising detours life has waiting for you.

Debbie Mandel, MA is the author of Addicted To Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life , Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul, and Changing Habits: The Caregivers' Total Workout a stress-reduction specialist, motivational speaker, and mind/body lecturer. She has been featured on radio/ TV and print media.

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