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Turn On Your Inner Light
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March 6, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
Life is not a race.
Take it slower.
Hear the music
before the song is over.

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Guest of the Week - Barb Rogers

On March 8, 2005 - Barb Rogers, author of Feng Shui in a Day. Learn how to get your house in order and so your life.

Health Tips of the Week

  • A good job and a good relationship are good for your heart. Studies show that women who suffer in silence during marital conflict had four times the risk of dying as compared to outspoken women. They paid dearly for keeping the peace. On the plus side meditation was shown to improve blood vessel function for women who suppressed their feelings.
  • Household ants and roaches have been implicated in allergies and asthma.
  • Flu vaccines don't really work in children younger than 2, according to a surprising new study. Given to babies and toddlers, the flu vaccine worked no better than the placebo.
  • Asia is being called the perfect incubator for pandemic flu. So far human beings have caught that flu from chickens and it has gone no further. However, if this strain of flu begins to spread easily from person to person, it will become virulent since no one has been exposed to this particular strain of H5N1. The CDC is preparing for this possibility by creating a prototype vaccine which can be mass produced. Also, worthy to note: the anti viral drug, Tamiflu, works against H5N1 and is effective in treating and preventing new flu strains.
  • Men who exercise vigorously and regularly reduce their risk of developing Parkinsonís disease.
  • An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but also has been shown to help prevent breast cancer. Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants and phyto-chemicals which cannot be duplicated by supplements. Laboratory tests on rats yielded impressive results. Of course, rats donít smoke and are not obese like their human counterparts; nevertheless apples have yielded impressive results.

Article of the Week -
How to Transform Jealousy into Success

Jealousy has been part of the range of universal emotions since the Garden of Eden and Cain and Abel. Both men and women experience it, however, usually for different reasons. Men seem to be more jealous about other menís material accomplishments: the better job, more prestige, the fancier house or car and the more beautiful woman. Women are generally more jealous about appearance, friendships and their childrenís academic and social performance. Some of us are more prone to jealousy, consumed by it, allowing it to chip away at our self-confidence and happiness. However, we can learn to overcome it, ultimately transforming it into a positive trigger for accomplishment like the old song: Anything you can do, I can do better!

Jealousy invades our hearts when we see someone accomplishing what we fear or doubt that we can do. That person mirrors are own perceived inadequacy. Consequently, we might become sarcastic with our friend or family member. We might act as a negative coach to the object of our jealousy and in so doing undermine ourselves. Consider it this way - we are not really jealous of our friendís achievement, but really disappointed in our own lack of initiative and courage. By cutting down our friend we think that we build ourselves up. However, we need to redirect our attention inward.

Jealousy underscores our lack of self-confidence as we play the part of the victim. Note that playing a victim gives us a perk: we need never assume responsibility for our actions and are therefore blameless. Jealousy is the emotional baggage of the victim who projects a failure outward instead of learning from it. Some of us have internalized this pattern from childhood in the form of sibling rivalry, ďMom always liked you better than me!Ē Or from school, ďThe reason I didnít do well on my English paper was because the teacher didnít like me.Ē Others are always doing it to us.

To empty your heart of the energy drain of jealousy here are some suggestions: More

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How do I properly do a Swiss ball crunch? How is it better than a regular floor crunch? (Helen, Deer Park) Answer

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