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March 06, 2012

Affirmation of the Week
Love means
having someone who will do
the boring things with you.

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March 06, 2012 Show - Michael Sandler has coached athletes for twenty years and with a titanium femur and hip is able to miraculously run ten to twenty miles per day pain free. He is the author of Barefoot Running. Your feet are free as opposed to expensive sneakers.

February 28, 2012 Show - Dr. Albert Levy, MD, a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, the New York Academy of Medicine and the Royal Society of Medicine (UK), a professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, holds a Diploma in Clinical Homeopathy and is the Founder of Manhattan Family Practice located on Park Avenue and 80th Street in NYC. Learn how to protect yourself from the flu.

February 21, 2012 Show - Dr. Nicolas Bazan a neuroscientist and Alzheimerís researcher, trained at Columbia Univ. and Harvard, appointed faculty by the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, where he established and now heads the Neuroscience Center of Excellence and is the author of the novel , Una Vida. See where music and Alzheimerís intersect.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • Only 20% of the two-thirds of Americans who report being on diet will be successful. Underestimating calories and portions, overestimating exercise, skipping meals and lack of sleep are the top four reasons why people who diet do not lose weight plus statistics and research from Loyola University Health System.
  • Antibiotics that doctors typically prescribe for sinus infections do not reduce symptoms any better than an inactive placebo, according to investigators at Washington University School of Medicine.
  • Children with inflammatory bowel disease may have difficulty functioning in school, particularly because their tendency to internalize problems can impact attendance. These are the findings from a Nationwide Childrenís Hospital study appearing in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.
  • Adolescents who are "internet addicts" may also be at increased risk of substance abuse, suggests a study in the March issue of Journal of Addiction Medicine.
  • A large, prospective study led by a researcher at Rush University Medical Center indicates that chronic exposure to particulate air pollution may accelerate cognitive decline in older adults.
  • Kids treated more than 150 days after an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury have higher rates of other knee injuries, including medial meniscal tears, say researchers presenting at the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.
  • Green tea lowers cholesterol according to 20 studies.
  • A study by the Food and Drug Administration found 400 lipsticks on the market tested positive for lead. However, the lead found is at a low enough level to not cause a serious health risk.
  • A study on couples who broke up and then got back together warns donít do it! There would be less happiness and self-esteem, less satisfaction with their partner and the relationship, worse communication, and more uncertainty about the future.
  • New research suggests weight training for two years significantly improves the motor symptoms of Parkinsonís disease compared to other forms of exercise such as stretching and balance exercises.
  • Simple tests such as walking speed and hand grip strength may help doctors determine how likely it is a middle-aged person will develop dementia or stroke from the American Academy of Neurology.
  • The EPA has lowered dioxin in the environment; however, there is still dioxin in the animal food chain. Adults over the course of their lifetime are not as susceptible as fetuses and infants. To lower the ingestion of dioxin: Eat less or leaner meat, chicken and fish; low-fat or fat-free cheese and yogurt and drink skim milk. The same diet thatís good for protecting your heart and your brain also protects you from the toxic effects of dioxins.

Article of the Week

3 Powerful Ways to Use Science to Change Your Life Story

Perhaps you have heard the buzz word, neuroplasticity. If you havenít, you might be unaware of the scientific magic of increasing your willpower, motivation, happiness and health. Neuroplasticity is the revolutionary science behind creating new brain cells and rewiring brain circuitry to accommodate great change Ė the kind of change you have always dreamed about, but quickly lost your willpower to activate a couple of weeks after New Yearís. You can virtually mold your brain.


Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life

womens fitness

Stress will always land on your doorstep, but you donít have to constantly open the door. Itís time to build immunity to external pressures and cultivate an inner peace which does not depend on outside influences. Shed that endless to-do list. Leave the straight lines of your personality to enjoy the surprising detours life has waiting for you.

Debbie Mandel, MA is the author of Addicted To Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life , Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul, and Changing Habits: The Caregivers' Total Workout a stress-reduction specialist, motivational speaker, a personal trainer and mind/body lecturer. She is the host of the weekly Turn On Your Inner Light Show on WGBB 1240 AM in Long Island and has been featured on radio/ TV and print media.

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