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Turn On Your Inner Light
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March 20, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
When one teaches,
two people learn.

Weekly Wellness Radio Show

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Guest of the Week - Michael Dresser

On March 22, 2005 - Michael Dresser, radio show host and media coach. Michael tells it like it is: Don't be a victim.

Health Tips of the Week

  • Warning signs of a stroke may start up to a week before the actual attack. Researchers say they have known for some time that TIAs, mini-strokes, produce symptoms similar to a stroke such as numbness or tingling and often precede a major stroke. These mini-strokes typically last less than five minutes and do not cause permanent injury to the brain. Therefore it is important to get medical treatment right away to avoid a major stroke. High blood pressure, cigarette smoking, diabetes, and heavy use of alcohol have been linked to stroke risk. The good news: Lifestyle changes reduce these risks.
  • Blood testing is key to living with diabetes. But testing with blood drawn from the forearm is not accurate. A new study found that measurements using forearm-drawn blood often overestimated blood sugar levels when levels were low. Traditional finger sticks and blood sugar readings done on the palm provide more accurate readings when a person has low blood sugar.
  • Sticking to the pediatric vaccination schedule is one of the most important things for a parent to do to protect the health of their children. Studies show that more than one in three children aren't fully protected from potentially deadly childhood diseases like measles and whooping cough because they didn't get the complete series of recommended vaccines or they didn't get them on time. This could lead to disease outbreaks.
  • Latest research shows that strength training boosts metabolism for up to 36 hours after exercise. The results of this study would indicate that resistance training can be a valuable tool in designing programs targeted at weight management.
  • Second hand smoke has been implicated as a trigger for breast cancer.

Article of the Week - How to Find Love at Home Depot

Recently I was interviewed by the NY Post and National Public Radio about the latest hot national trend - finding true love at Home Depot. Men and women are meeting at Home Depot or other home improvement centers and ultimately marrying Ė a few couples have even held wedding ceremonies in the store where they met! Why is a home improvement center a hot new dating scene? Well, isnít it obvious that men and women who go to Home Depot are probably natural, involved in do-it-yourself projects and imply self-improvement? They are going back to basics, the nuts and bolts of things; therefore they do not feel nervous, vulnerable or anxious about making a good impression or seeking approval from the opposite sex. Conversations evolve spontaneously, at ease about screws, silicone and stud finders.

People tend to dress causally, or at least casual-chic when they frequent a Home Depot on the weekends. On week nights dress could be more formal because singles often visit the store directly from work. Generally, women wear less make-up and men are comfortable in their relaxed easy fit clothes. No one goes there specifically to meet. It just happens, naturally, a by product of a creative project. Donít know how to do it yourself? There are classes scheduled in faux-painting, tiling, grouting and sheet rocking. Men and women meet as independent people who can support themselves. No fear of pre-nuptials agreements here. Instead of draining another person or leaning too heavily, partners can potentially support each otherís identity. A woman who can fix things is irresistibly seductive to a man!

Home Depot connotes home improvement. And home is where you are. When you are comfortable with your own home and are seeking to improve it and are willing to do the work, you send a powerful message that you know and like who you are. People are wired to gravitate to positive people and it is as basic as elementary science.

Here are some reasons why Home Depot is alluring: More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Iíve just come out of hip-replacement therapy and am ready to move on with my life and my new hip. Iím thinking of getting a trainer; what should I expect regarding an exercise program and from a trainer? I want to feel confident. (Oscar, Smithtown) Answer

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