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March 27, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
Too many people miss the silver lining
because they're expecting gold.

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Guest of the Week - Chamein Canton

On March 29, 2005 - Chamein Canton, a wedding consultant, the author of the soon to be released, Down the Aisle in Style and a regular columnist for Elegant Plus Models.

Health Tips of the Week

  • There is new evidence that fish oil could help ward off Alzheimer's disease. Omega 3’s , specifically DHA, found in fish like salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel as well as in flaxseed oil and walnuts might be useful in protecting the brain and keeping it healthy. It works remarkably well for lab mice.
  • A new study shows "compelling" scientific evidence claiming that extreme emotional and physical stress can trigger chest pain and heart attacks in vulnerable people like couch potatoes and those with heart disease risk factors. Symptoms might begin as early as within one to two hours after exposure, The results show that the strongest evidence links physical exertion, emotional stress, anger, and extreme excitement with heart risks. Several of the studies documented a spike in heart attacks following natural disasters, wars, and sporting events.
  • Your nails can offer significant clues to your health. Dry brittle nails can point to thyroid disease; pale white nail beds can point to anemia; red nail beds might mean heart disease; dark lines beneath the nail might mean melanoma; a bluish tint might mean fluid in the lungs.
  • Toxic levels of lead have been found in some Ayurvedic medicines. Be careful when you take herbal supplements.
  • Recent studies have shown that children who are exposed to pets early in life, might build up immunity to them—just like a vaccine—that possibly could prevent them from developing allergies to pet dander later in life. When homes are too clean, children grow up with more allergies.

Article of the Week -
Spring Is Here: The Season of Fresh Beginnings

There’s a bright new energy in the air: Nature’s New Year. The angle of the light is different; our daily rhythm is reset and we are moving to a powerful new beat. We have been cocooning during the winter, taking stock of ourselves and generally trying to keep our spirits up during colder, shorter days. It’s easier now that spring has arrived: Time for us to transform ourselves into butterflies. How do you become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.

Start with the ritual of spring cleaning. Clean out the clutter; dust the cobwebs; open the windows and rejuvenate your living space. We all know that when our balance is off, we become sick and cannot thrive. Think of your home as a barometer of balance, reflecting the state of your mind and heart. Is your living space inviting to visitors and filled with good energy, or is it a place where you feel stuck with stale energy?

Sometimes we visit a home or a cafe and fall in love with the place immediately. The furniture, lighting and colors invite stimulating conversation and open discussion. Similarly, your living space reflects who you are and what’s important to you. Dark living spaces evoke feelings of sadness and isolation. A home needs to be dressed for success – emotional success.

Let us learn to take heart from the garden. . During spring gardeners survey the winter damage, the losses in plant life, the bare spots and the overgrown perennials. They cut back, rake, plant and fertilize. Each season is a new, hopeful beginning. A plant has no consciousness of the past, but emerges as a fresh new life, growing towards the light -- a new chance to flourish. So should we….

My mother, a holocaust survivor, arrived in New York with my father and an infant. She learned a new language of freedom and optimism. While the three of us lived in poverty, we were not impoverished; we were rich in love and laughter. Although our kitchen window revealed a dismal view, every spring my mother transformed that view with living beauty. She took a few seed packets, ignored the planting instructions, and spread tiny seeds in shallow glass bowls and tea cups filled with soil. Soon our protruding window sill was alive with extraordinary color and texture: Salvias, Zinnias, Marigolds and Morning Glories. For many Springs a little girl watched my mother cast those magic seeds. My legacy sprouted on that window sill.

No matter how we have suffered, our hearts long to be free. We are able to move forward like a spring flower, if we release the past. So brush aside the cobwebs, clean out those minds closed in resentment to wake up tomorrow morning feeling fresh and vibrant -- anything is possible. See the world with different eyes – see the beauty emerging right before your eyes and express your gratitude. More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
I'm tall (about 5' 10") and my body is long and straight - not too much of a shape). I've played basketball for a number of years and now that I'm older, I would like to feel better about myself and thought weight training could help me look more like I want to look. Help! (Monica, Carle Place) Answer

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