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April 17, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
Remove two words
from your vocabulary:
and never.

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Guest of the Week - Deborah Moses

On April 19, 2005 - Deborah Moses, founder of Veris Associates and the author of Change Your Life: The Core Approach to Creating the Life You Want. Learn how to perceive opportunity.

Health Tips of the Week

  • Cell phones don't cause brain tumors as far as scientists can tell at this point. However, the long term effects are not known since hardly anyone in these studies has been using cell phones for over a decade.
  • If youíre undergoing major surgery, antibiotics can ward off potentially deadly infections when given at the right timeóusually 60 minutes before surgery.
  • Two spices that are being tested to treat the early stages of Alzheimerís: Turmeric and Sage oil. How much you need to ingest is being determined. However, it canít hurt to shake it on, or take a sage oil capsule.
  • To fall asleep and stay asleep: 30- 60 minutes before you go to sleep, eat a small snack consisting of a tryptophan like turkey with a complex carb like whole wheat, or a bowl of whole-grain cereal and milk which is also a tryptophan. This will raise your serotonin levels to make you feel calm and relaxed. Carbs from whole-grains sustain a gradual release of insulin and maximize the tryptophan reaching your brain.
  • Great promise in the race to treat Alzheimerís disease: An existing treatment for immune disorders has slowed down the memory decline of Alzheimer's disease. The treatment -- intravenous immunoglobulin is a collection of the germ-fighting antibodies that are found in healthy people's blood. An infusion of these antibodies fights the sticky plaque buildup of beta amyloid proteins found in Alzheimerís. Although very pricey and impractical at this point, drug companies are using this new approach to manufacture a cheaper and more specifically targeted version.
  • Researchers believe that cholesterol-lowering statins may reduce disability after a stroke. Stroke victims taking statin drugs before their stroke are more likely to recover and go home than those not taking these medications. And for those stroke victims not taking a statin drug, starting them soon afterward cuts the risk of dying or the necessity of nursing home care.

Article of the Week -
Why Is Everyone Blissfully Happy, But Me?

A gorgeous spring day Ė still in bed, you prop yourself up on your elbows and muster just enough energy to gaze out the window. You see a flourish of activity; people are outdoors enjoying the sun. However, you donít have the energy. You canít blame it on Seasonal Affective Disorder, the cold, or the rain. Somehow you feel pressured to have fun, get out there and be a part of the ecstatic happiness. Ironically, this beautiful day triggers sadness, tiredness and emptiness. You would have preferred it to be a rainy day giving you an excuse to stay home, curl up and watch a movie. Why?

Recognizing and assuming responsibility for feeling unhappy is an upsetting step in its own right Ė but itís necessary to stir up the pot to see whatís in it. First, itís time to stop comparing yourself to all those seemingly happy, frolicking fellow humans. Many of these people are probably living lives of quiet desperation. Next reevaluate your fundamental belief: Is the premise true that we all have to be happy all the time? Is this expectation, a flat line of bliss, realistic? Happiness is subjective, not a physical attribute and therefore is something to be cultivated. It helps to ensure that your environment is conducive to happiness: people you live with, your work and plans for entertainment.

Often we feel depleted because we have a short attention span. We are always scanning for new opportunities and new people. It is like dancing and looking over our dateís shoulder to catch the eye of someone better. Worthy to note, nowadays, itís not just children who are being diagnosed with ADD; many of us are being diagnosed with the adult version. Committing and focusing our attention to people and projects becomes increasingly difficult as we are over-stimulated by so many things vying for our attention. As a result we shut down coming to a grinding halt; we stop committing and focusing on what we already possess. More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Iíve been looking for a less vigorous class to fit my age and fitness level, yet receive some benefits. I was told to try some of the yoga classes at my gym. What would the health benefits of yoga be? (Maria, Seaford) Answer

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