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July 11, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
The best way
to predict your future
is to create it.

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Guest of the Week - Marlene M. Browne

On July 12, 2005 - Marlene M. Browne, an attorney who specializes in family law and the author of Boomerís Guide to Divorce and a New Life. Take divorce out of the closet. Click to listen to it NOW via the internet.

Health Tips of the Week

  • Neither aspirin nor vitamin E is a magic pill to prevent heart disease (or most cancers) in healthy women.
  • Strep bacteria in the throat or on the skin may trigger obsessive-compulsive disorder, tourettes, tics and other neurological conditions in some children. The premise is that antibodies produced during an infection are to blame. Antibodies are proteins the body produces to fight infection and it appears that these conditions may be autoimmune in nature.
  • The current issue of Neurology claims that eating a Mediterranean style diet rich in vegetables, grain, and fruit may reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease.
  • Better news for walkers: Strolling can help obese adults burn more calories per mile than brisk walking and might even lower the risk of arthritis and injuries to the joints than picking up the pace.
  • The Lancet has reported that calcium and vitamin D supplements donít prevent fractures in older women ( 70+ ) who were vulnerable to broken bones. That doesnít mean that no one will benefit from these supplements, but women in this category particularly those who had a prior fracture didnít: Just something to think about when evaluating bone health. One of the best ways to reduce your risk of fracture is to increase your strength and improve your balance with exercise.
  • The Harvard Health Letter points out that a heat wave can be a killer for the elderly. When it is hot and humid outside, sweat doesnít evaporate that easily. Then things go downhill literally as we age because we donít produce much sweat and the sweat we do produce contains a higher concentration of salt creating an electrolyte imbalance. Then to top it all off thirst declines as well, so we tend to get dehydrated. The solution is simple: Stay out of the sun and go into a cool air-conditioned place; even spending a few hours there is a lifesaver.

Article of the Week
Deal with the Stress of Divorce - Donít Divorce Yourself

Poems, short stories and novels romanticize love and the joy it brings into our lives. Lovers, soul mates, laugh easily as their feet barely touch the ground. That is the illusion writers weave. Then there is the resounding reality of daily power struggles, differing opinions, growing pains and the ďuninvitedĒ who disturb the household. As a result breaking up is hard to do, a stressful process. Perhaps, the most stressful of all is living a contracted life, ambivalent about what to do. However, divorce need not be all that stressful if you can accept the following premise: The primary person you need to love and be kind to is yourself. Any relationship with a partner is a perk, not a necessity in your life. Divorce becomes a nightmarish experience only when you divorce yourself and lose your self-confidence!

Of course, your stress levels are directly proportional to whether you are the dumper or the dumpee. The dumper feels more empowered, has already rehearsed and researched the ultimate separation as opposed to the dumpee who will probably feel insecure, unattractive, boring, generally cut adrift. The dumpee might never have seen it coming or wanted to see it coming.

Add to the boiling cauldron, children, family members, friends who need to be told, hidden assets and you have a recipe for a virtual tornado lifting your house in the air and landing God only knows where. Well, Dorothy, donít wait for a tornado to hit your house or let your house fall down on you. Itís time to rewrite your initial love story.

One choice is to create a realistic, happier ending to save your marriage. More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Get a Quality Workout in 30 Minutes

Ever since I got a promotion, my hours have increased. Believe me, itís great, but my workout time has been cut. For now how can I get a quality workout in about 45 minutes or less Ė well more like 30 minutes? Help! (Carla, Freeport) Answer

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