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July 17, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
When all is said and done,
more is said than done.

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Guest of the Week - Bob Schwartz

On July 19, 2005 - Bob Schwartz, author of Would Somebody Please Send Me to My Room! See how raising children is a sit-com. Click to listen to it NOW via the internet.

Health Tips of the Week

  • Many orange juice brands are now fortified with calcium. But not all forms of bone building calcium are equally absorbed. Nutritionists advise: get your calcium from dairy foods and dark green vegetables or take a supplement and use plain, simple orange juice to wash it down.
  • If you are taking a long airplane flight, you might opt for a below the knee compression stocking to reduce the risk of a deep vein thrombosis by increasing pressure from the ankle up. In addition, mild exercise, drinking plenty of water and wearing loose clothing are important too.
  • Sorry, but the latest from the Archives of Neurology asserts that there is no proof that taking cholesterol lowering drugs will reduce the risk of Alzheimerís disease.
  • Teflon is getting a second look. Whether it is exposure as a worker in a Dupont plant, or in the drinking water of those who are neighbors to the plants, toxicology studies are being conducted. I wonder about the Teflon in my pots and pans that are wearing out.
  • Science is not black or white. The editor in chief of JAMA explains that scientific studies are often contradictory. Also, advances are made that clarify and improve on past studies. Critical thinking is needed to make sense of what is appropriate for you. The media creating sensational headlines doesnít help either.

Article of the Week
How to Make Decisions Without Anxiety

When it comes to making a decision, many of us procrastinate, then second guess ourselves ultimately experiencing stomach-churning anxiety. It reminds me of those multiple choice tests I used to take in school. Is it choice A or B? I chose B. Then I thought, no itís A or perhaps C. I ended up using my eraser so many times, that it finally tore a hole in the test paper! What is so hard about making a decision? It is our fear of failure as reflected by the disapproving gaze and comments of judges who are often veritable strangers! This has all been recorded time and time again in the annals of our personal history. While we were growing up, all the authority figures in our lives caused us to build up scar tissue through their censorious comments.

This fear of failure becomes a great impediment to happiness. We begin to judge ourselves by our accomplishment or lack of accomplishment. Making a decision therefore entails a big ego risk. We might make a fool of ourselves. As a result the decision-making process can paralyze us with procrastination.

Our lives are a series of decisions and so, a series of failures and triumphs. When structured routines are changed and we are thrust into a different or an unstable medium, we feel a vague sense of terror. Ironically by avoiding difficult decisions, we deprive ourselves of joyous experiences leading to long range happiness. More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Effective Deltoid (Shoulder) Exercises

My weak link to my upper body is my shoulders, lacking that muscular look. Can you help me with some deltoid exercises? (Jimmy, Seaford) Answer

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