Debbie Mandel’s
Turn On Your Inner Light
Weekly Wellness Newsletter
August 29, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
When a bird sings,
does it worry
about what you think?

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Guest of the Week - Randi Merzon

On Aug 30 2005 - Randi Merzon, an intuitive consultant who will guide you to transform patterns of stress and illness to help yourself. Unlock your intuition. (415 751-2517) Click to listen to it NOW via the internet.

Health Tips of the Week

  • According to the American Psychological Association older adults who use computers report fewer depression symptoms than seniors who don't use computers. This makes sense because you can learn a lot through the internet and knowledge is power. Also, you are connected to others which beats loneliness.
  • The Harvard School of Public health has released its latest findings: Fast food places are situated within a mile radius of schools, many within a short walking distance. This is not random and when children are battling obesity and health related problems, fast food restaurants are fueling their appetite for more.
  • A little soy goes a long way when it comes to blood pressure control. Adding soy protein to daily diets like soy milk, edamame, or soy burgers may help lower blood pressure in people who have mild hypertension.
  • A new wake-up drug, currently identified as CX717 is being tested for the sleep deprived; particularly beneficial to night shift workers, health care workers and the military who need to be alert despite lack of sleep.
  • According to the Lancet itís a good idea to get a babyís hearing checked right after birth as opposed to 8 months of age. The sooner a permanent hearing impairment is detected the better for language development.
  • Shark cartilage supplements do not fight cancer as stated in the September issue of Consumer Reports On Health. So donít waste your money on this fishy remedy. By the way sometimes sharks do get cancer in their cartilage!

Article of the Week
How to Handle the Stress of Betrayal

High profile stars, Jennifer Aniston and Sienna Miller have made the headlines with titillating captions as victims of betrayal. They are the innocent victims of their cheating husbands and the media. Their personal stressful experiences are compounded each time they are brought into our eager-for-gossip living rooms. That is the nature of fame or infamy. However, what about all of us plebians who have experienced betrayal and do not have the resources the stars do to get over it? And why are we so hurt when our trust is betrayed?

Letís turn the concept of betrayal around. What really hurts is that we do not trust ourselves. When we are betrayed, we feel that we can no longer trust our own judgment, intuition and self-confidence; that our ability to discern is flawed. We lose our innocent and optimistic perception of others. We live in fear of being vulnerable again and therefore hurt. And to be honest, we must assume responsibility for the betrayal Ė otherwise we are victimized again. We have the power to choose to be hurt or not. Is there life after betrayal? You betcha!

It is a good beginning to stand with our shoulders back More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Iím upper middle-aged and I seem to have lower back problems, and well, more or less I am falling apart. Can strength training help the decline? (Maury, West Hempstead) Answer

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