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October 17, 2005

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Affirmation of the Week
Here’s a good way to see
the character of a person
by the way he acts to others
who do nothing for him.

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Guest of the Week - Dr. Michael Edelstein

On Oct 18, 2005 - Dr. Michael Edelstein, a clinical psychologist, author of Three Minute Therapy. Learn how to get over it -- quickly!
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Health Tips of the Week

  • According to British researchers, fungal spores fill our synthetic pillows, even more than feather pillows. To those of us who are highly sensitive to allergens or are asthmatic, this is something worth noting as we do not often wash our quilts and pillows.
  • Those who receive acupuncture in addition to standard treatment lessened the severity of chronic headaches, improving social function and mental clarity – in addition to alleviating their suffering. Acupuncture greatly improved life quality.
  • Moderate drinking of 3-6 drinks per week acts as a blood thinner and can prevent heart attacks. However according to the American Heart Association with an increased intake of alcohol, there are increased health dangers including high blood pressure, obesity, and stroke and for women. Also there might be an increased risk of breast cancer. Weigh the risk-reward with your doctor.
  • The Lancet gives high marks to Remicade in treating moderate to severe psoriasis which devastates sufferers. The drawback is that it is given by IV infusion. However, that infusion is given every two months – considering the spectacular potential of this drug to alleviate psoriasis and arthritis caused by psoriasis, this doesn’t seem like such a big obstacle.

Article of the Week
How to Cope With One Disaster After Another

It’s been one disaster after another: The war in Iraq, the Tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the mudslides in Guatemala, the earthquake in Pakistan and on a lighter note, eight days of heavy rain fall in the Northeast. We feel inundated by these tragedies, finding it difficult to process the death toll and all those who have become homeless. As a result, we absorb the negativity and transfer it to our daily lives in subtle ways. Maybe we are more irritable or pessimistic about our work. Maybe we are eating more sugary snacks and exercising less. Many of us who have generously contributed to help the victims are now depleted both materially and emotionally. Not to mention those of us who have become desensitized and cynical. What is the next wave of misfortune - a bird flu pandemic?

However, after eight days of unremitting rain in the Northeast, the winds of change have brought back the sun. My neighbors are pumping out their basements and taking stock of what was damaged and what miraculously survived. Many of us are scratching our heads, for we can’t remember the last time we experienced such wild weather. During the heavy rainfall I kept telling people to cheer up and even broke into a verse from Annie, “The sun will come out tomorrow.” I think most everyone wanted to put a muzzle on my mouth; they couldn’t see beyond the dark skies. Yet we who are above ground and above water have so much to be grateful for. If all that rain were snow, we would have had about 23 feet of snow to shovel! Then we would have surely appreciated the rain.

We can learn how to manage our stress levels from these wild weather patterns. More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
All That Muscles Do

Besides the obvious, how they look, what else do muscles do? In this way I can understand the advantages of weight-training and why I need to increase the amount of muscles on my body and cut down on my obsessive cardio. Thank you for your help! (Jeanine, Westhampton) Answer

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