Debbie Mandel’s
Turn On Your Inner Light
Weekly Wellness Newsletter
October 24, 2004

Affirmation of the Week
The only people to get even with
are those who have helped you.

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Guest of the Week - Marky Stein

On October 26, 2004 - Marky Stein, author of Fearless Career Change, Job Search expert on and interview expert on will help you change careers in 90 days.

Health Tips of the Week

  • According to new research arthritis pain and weather really do appear to be connected. Cooler temperatures and changes in barometric pressure go hand-in-hand with increases in arthritis pain. However, you knew this was true and so did your grandmother! It’s great when research validates your experience.
  • Bextra - one of two U.S. approved Vioxx sister drugs - may cause rare skin and heart side effects. There are a lot of things to try before resorting to prescription drugs to alleviate pain like: exercise, weight loss, Tylenol, over-the-counter supplements like glucosamine, or oils like omega-3 fatty acids. Many of these simple remedies might work without having to worry about drugs with side effects.
  • According to a new surgeon general report one out of two Americans over 50 may be at risk for broken bones caused by osteoporosis and low bone mass by 2020 if they don't take action to protect their bone health. Osteoporosis is a silent disease just like high blood pressure, if undetected, ultimately manifesting in a major illness.
  • If your child has AD/HD and school is difficult, donít rule out after school activities which could help your child flourish such as: Activities that offer individualized instruction like tennis or diving; activities that involve movement like swimming and running; activities with a single focus like archery and swimming; highly structured activities that promote self-control like martial arts; activities that result in tangible rewards like painting.

Article of the Week -
The God Gene:The DNA Link between Spirituality and Happiness

Once again spirituality is validated by the media! The cover of Time Magazine depicts a woman in prayer; in the middle of her forehead, where the mystical third eye is believed to exist, is an embedded DNA ladder held in place by two golden hands. The accompanying article presents a lively debate about our genetic predisposition towards the Divine. The assertion is that we are all programmed with a God gene. Scientists claim that we have this spiritual gene to help take away the sting of our mortality through belief in the upbeat story of a higher power and an afterlife. They say that God is a neuro-chemical byproduct of the brain. Theologians smile knowingly and respond that this explanation is limited, for spiritual genes are part of the Divine scheme of things - our individual journey to unite with God.

I say, ďGood! Both are right!Ē Either way spirituality generates health and happiness. Why debate the tangible benefits to our immune system, relaxation response and creative inspiration?

However, we need to distinguish between organized religion and spirituality. Organized religion has positives and negatives. Great cruelty, divisiveness and individual suppression have been perpetrated in the name of organized religion. Spirituality, on the other hand, triggers unity, flashes of insight, serenity, passion, creativity, positivism and hope. So letís get spiritual! More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
I have been preparing for a 5K race in my town and lately Iíve been experiencing a pain on the side around my ribcage when I run. Is this dangerous and what is it? (Stephanie, Levittown) Answer

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