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October 31, 2005

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The universe sends us signals
in mysterious ways.
Do you know how to look?

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Guest of the Week - Bernie Siegel, MD

On Nov 01, 2005 - Bernie Siegel, MD, one of the most remarkable people of our time, a scientist, a humanist and humorist. His new book, 101 Exercises for the Soul will give you the breath of life.
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Health Tips of the Week

  • In the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences a drug being studied as a potential cancer treatment may also help treat Alzheimer's disease. A new study shows that the experimental drug Bryostatin stimulates proteins needed to form long-term memories, which is lost in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. So what if it is being tested on slugs; it is working for them!
  • More men are feeling the pressure to be thin and look good, according to a presentation at the American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference. Popular culture is shaping male consciousness to be a thin, perfect physical specimen. As a result male anorexics ranging from boys to men are on the rise.
  • According to Archives of Internal Medicine cholesterol lowering statins have no impact on a woman's risk of developing breast cancer either way, cause or prevention. Statins are great for preventing heart disease, but don’t take them to prevent cancer.
  • Latest research from the University of Miami Medical School says that massage helps to alleviate chronic pain and introduces an overall feeling of well being that addresses depressive disorders. Massaging sore muscles obviously helps, but massage does something else to address pain - it gets to the heart of the matter by reducing cortisol levels caused by stress.
  • Two more reasons to quit smoking. Chronic smoking diminishes mental capacity and fertility in men. Long-term smokers have lower IQ scores and changes in their sperm make them less likely to get a woman pregnant.

Article of the Week
Three Words That Can Change Your Life

When adversity strikes, we are ready to listen to anyone who can help alleviate our pain and grief. And in fact, good advice can come to us from any source, even the most casual encounter with a stranger. There is a Zen saying walk around with our cup half full because then we leave room to learn from others. When I interviewed Dr. Bernie Siegel on my radio show and asked him who his greatest teacher was, without a moment’s hesitation he answered, “Death.” The threat of dying reminds us to enjoy this life fully and not carry around resentment or suppress our dreams. Why wait for a terminal illness to remind us how precious every day is?

When my mother became ill with Alzheimer’s, my family and friends worried about me. My father had died of Alzheimer’s two years earlier; they wondered how I would handle this new grief which was actually a reminder of an old grief, a new layer of hurt on top of an old layer. Then one day when I was buying a ticket at my local LIRR station, the Indian clerk who usually complimented me on my cheerfulness, or inquired about how my book was doing, noticed that I was a bit toned down. I smiled and greeted him as usual, but he saw something in my eyes. “What’s the matter?” Surprised, that he was such an astute observer of human nature, I decided to open up and briefly tell him about the diagnosis. There was no one else standing behind me and the train was not due for ten minutes. I blurted out, “I just can’t believe it! My mother was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and my father recently died of it. Lightning has hit my house twice!” I will never forget the intense look in his eyes which burned through the glass partition: “You’ll see everything will be all right for awhile. You still have your mother. Lower your expectations.” “Thank you, thank you – wow I get it!” I ran to catch the train.

Those last three words lower your expectations profoundly changed my life. And all this said by the change-maker at the ticket booth, literally! Quite often we nag ourselves to death with huge goals, unreasonable conditions for happiness or ecstasy. Ultimately my mother passed away. However, while she was alive with Alzheimer’s for another eight years, we cultivated a deep connection which grew to include my daughter. More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
How to Add Muscle

I can’t seem to put on the muscle I would like or get the definition I want. I do 1 to 1½ hours of cardio daily and eat low calories. What am I doing wrong?
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