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November 7, 2005

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Affirmation of the Week
If you want to be truly happy,
find something to be enthusiastic about.

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Guest of the Week - David Weiner

On Nov 08, 2005 - David Weiner will open your mind to a scientific view of emotional reality. He is the author of Reality Check.
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Health Tips of the Week

  • The American Association for Cancer Research claims that simple foods, with the least amount of cooking, carry the most scientifically advanced anticancer compounds; grandma was right; eat your veggies: Broccoli sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale and collard greens. By the way broccoli sprouts help manage H pylori bacteria which causes ulcers and stomach cancer. Rub broccoli sprout juice on your skin to help prevent skin cancer. Dont forget to eat your garlic.
  • Brown University Medical School informs us why teens stay up to the wee hours. Its not late night TV viewing, the internet, studying or partying. Teens are slower to show "sleep pressure" in their brainwaves than younger kids. The slowdown in sleep pressure is a natural part of growing up and is evident in many cultures.
  • A new study in Finland claims that there is an increased risk of dementia associated with being overweight at midlife. To make sense of it consider that midlife obesity is associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. The good news is that studies note that even a small weight reduction has beneficial effects.
  • Men being treated unfairly at work literally experience heartache. The Archives of Internal Medicine writes that men are more prone to have angina, heart attack or die from coronary artery disease because of their perception of unfair treatment. My advice: Choose to see the positive side of your workplace.

Article of the Week
Identity Theft Are You Robbing Yourself?

By now many of us have seen the highly imaginative TV commercials showing us the prevalence of identity theft from the point of view of the smiling, smug faces of the thieves. The focus is on monetary loss and physical disruption, like being stranded on a vacation. However, this is merely the dramatic tip of the iceberg because deep down is the more serious kind, the daily identity theft many of us experience regarding who we are. This is evident in expressions like: He always talks down to me. The boss calls a meeting, but we know better than to say what we think. We are just here to listen. I hate it when people get my name wrong. Or Im having a midlife crisis. I hate it when my colleague greets everyone in the office, except me. Why doesnt she like me?

Its clear in the commercials who the thieves are; we even get to see their faces. However, in real life who is stealing our identity? And how can we protect ourselves? To see the thief materialize all we need to do is to look into a mirror. We rob ourselves of living with a sense of who we are and what we contribute. First we have to recognize the symptoms: not making time for yourself, perfectionism, impatience and accommodation. Generally, the most telling sign is the inability to sit still and spend quiet time alone; we always have to be doing something.

No one can undermine our spirit or sense of self unless we let them. And why do we let others diminish us? In reality they dont, but we perceive them as victimizing us because it is easier to distract ourselves by blaming others. It is much harder to look at ourselves, take a personal inventory and change what we dont like about who we are.

During my stress-management workshops I often ask participants to do a quick empowerment exercise: to recall their last validated success along with the personality traits they used to achieve that success. Some participants excitedly recall an event and their best attributes More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Lift Light Weights for Heavy Weight Loss

I need to lose about 70 lbs. I am afraid that if I weight train, I will bulk up or not lose as much weight because of building muscle. I am a 38 year old female. Is it better to focus on cardio and do light weights or do cardio and heavy weights? (Christine) Answer

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