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November 28, 2005

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Affirmation of the Week
The common path is the safest,
but the traffic is terrible.

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Guest of the Week - John M. Bean

On Nov 29, 2005 - John M. Bean , author of PHB: The Professional Human Being. He will inspire us to be more productive and fulfilled at the workplace.
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Health Tips of the Week

  • Cranberry juice cuts cavities. From the Univ. of Rochester Medical School cranberry juice doesn’t just curb urinary tract infections, but also inhibits bacteria that cause tooth decay. Remember the studies used only pure cranberry juice and not those drinks combined with sugar!
  • Just in from the Journal of Health Psychology: How you handle stress affects your cholesterol. People who react more intensely to daily stressors have increasingly higher levels of cholesterol throughout the years. Both male and female participants responded similarly to the stress/cholesterol correlation.
  • Out of Cornell University: Portion size as much as taste influences overeating, even in foods we don’t find that appealing. Portion size and tasty fattening food is a dangerous combination. Here’s a good idea: Serve bigger portions of fruits and vegetables – transform portion size to your advantage.
  • Children who are overweight face more broken bones and joint problems than children of normal weight.
  • The American Medical Association warns that although candles and their fragrances create a relaxation response, they can also emit a cloud of toxic chemicals if they have metallic wicks like lead.

Article of the Week
How to Ask for What You Want

Marie wanted her best friend Sue to help her move into her new apartment. She kept dropping hints and finally called her with a vague request. However when Marie had called, Sue had just arrived home stressed that her boss had piled extra work on her desk with a tight deadline, had worked through her lunch hour and now her kids tugged at her to help with homework. She was not receptive. Marie ended up unpacking and arranging everything alone. She felt exhausted and angry. Two weeks later as she opened the door to her new apartment, guests sprang out, yelling, “Surprise!!!” The festivities consisted of a buffet, flowers, balloons and thoughtful gifts. Sue hugged and toasted Marie who wiped away the tears. However, Marie confided to my stress-management group, “The party was great and I felt validated, but what I really wanted was for Sue to help me settle in.”

One of our biggest stressors is not clearly expressing our thoughts. We expect the other person to be a mind reader. It is like stammering and stuttering emotionally. “If only I had said,” or “Why didn’t I just say?” Frustration rises to a boiling point when our words and feelings don’t match, saying yes under pressure when we really want to say no. We all want our words to be delivered with personal intent to get what we want.

The most effective way to get what we want is by creating a relaxed atmosphere for the other person to be more open to our suggestions. This will put the listener in a frame of mind that is not guarded or defensive. Also, by concentrating on relaxing the other person, we will relax too, forgetting about ourselves and feeling less stressed about how to communicate the message. As a result we won’t forget what we wanted to say. More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Strength Training Guidelines for Children

With all the talk about overweight children, if I wanted my child, a boy, to strength train, what are the guidelines to follow? (Carol, Greenvale) Answer

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