Debbie Mandel’s
Turn On Your Inner Light
Weekly Wellness Newsletter
February 5, 2004

Affirmation of the Week
I know that God doesnít give me
anything I canít handle.
I just wish
that he didnít trust me so much.

New Feature - Health Tips of the Week

Here are the latest findings:
  • Aspirin reduces the risk of colon cancer by just taking a minimum of two 325mg tablets a week. Greatest benefit has been seen with 14 tablets a week, but must be weighed against the important risk of potential bleeding. Stick with lower amounts to hedge against colon cancer, heart attack and stroke without risking internal bleeding.
  • Moderate intake of (unsaturated) fat has been shown to be healthier than a low-fat diet for maintaining the good cholesterol in the body as well as weight loss.
  • Low testosterone levels in aging men may be responsible for depression and may predict the later onset of Alzheimerís.
  • Many people who suffer from clinical depression and chronic pain donít respond well to anti-depressants. Both conditions must be treated.
  • Remember that New Yearís Resolutions should be renamed at this point in time: New Yearís Evolutions. Keep up your motivation for better health- make it fun!

Article of the Week
Attracting Love and Romance This Valentineís Day
Because we have a day designated for Amore, for those of us who are without a partner, have just lost a partner, closed the door on one, or live without romance at home, Valentineís Day can be a painful reminder of what is missing in our lives and might trigger feelings of stress and inadequacy. Thatís the problem. The solution is to go straight to the heart of the matter: Be your own Valentine! When you become your own Valentine, others will fall in love with you. In fact, you will have so many admirers that you will have to make choices. Here are some suggestions for attracting love and romance to your life.
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Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
I’ve been training for just under a year. I see results, but I want to know if there is something that I’m not doing? I want to get stronger and have the muscles to show for it? (Joey from Greenport) Answer

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Radio Show Guest of the Week - Alyssa Benovitz, MS,RD
Tune into the Turn On Your Inner Light Radio Show Sunday mornings at 10:30am on WLIE 540 AM in New York City. (Available online live, or hear past shows).
On February 8, 2004 our Guest - nutritionist Alyssa Benovitz, MS,RD will analyze the root causes and latest treatments for the national epidemic of Childhood Obesity.

Debbie Eisenstadt Mandel, MA is the author of Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul, a stress-reduction specialist, motivational speaker, a personal trainer and mind/body lecturer at Southampton College. She is the host of the weekly Turn On Your Inner Light Show on WLIE 540 AM in Long Island and has been featured on radio/ TV and print media.

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