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February 6, 2006

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Affirmation of the Week
We can learn
as much by writing
as we can by reading.

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Guest of the Week - Ellen Cutler

On Feb 07, 2006 - Ellen Cutler, Founder of the BioSet healing system, a doctor of chiropractic medicine specializing in enzyme supplements and author of Micro Miracles. Letís visit the next frontier in healing

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Health Tips of the Week

  • According to researchers in the Annals of Family Medicine injuries often follow anger. Itís worth it to simmer down because the study showed that people tended to report feeling particularly angry right before getting injured.
  • Just out from the Journal of Womenís Health when it comes to Hormone Replacement Therapy timing is everything. Starting to take it at the beginning of menopause, as opposed to postmenopause, protects the heart cutting the risk of a heart disease by 30%.
  • The FDA has approved the first inhalable insulin, Exubera. Perhaps more diabetics who really need insulin will be more likely to take it by inhalation as opposed to injection.
  • Fatigued and not alert while driving? Try sniffing peppermint to wake up and add a whiff of cinnamon to boost your alertness.
  • A Danish study found that wine drinkers tend to eat healthier than beer drinkers. Supermarket shoppers were followed and the data collected: those who bought wine bought more olives, fruit, vegetables, poultry, cooking oil, and low-fat cheese, milk, and meat. Beer buyers bought more prepared dishes, sugar, cold cuts, chips, pork, butter or margarine, sausages, lamb, and soft drinks.

Article of the Week
The Surprising Benefits of Writing Love Letters

We are conditioned to use technology to communicate our innermost, sensitive and subtle feelings. Technology is fast, effective and instantly gratifying. Another plus is that we donít have to spell, use proper grammar and can select from a wide range of free graphic images, even use sound effects to facilitate the message! However, I come from a long line of letter writers and I think that when we opt for the quick fix, we lose something special in the process. Writing is as important to learning as reading. In fact, sometimes we learn more when we write because writing compels us to really think on a deeper level. When we write a love letter, we help ourselves sort out our relationship without pretense, and not just our connection to another person, but our inner-connection as we clarify our core value system. The love letter we write to another is really a barometer of how we love ourselves.

In a love letter we are able to: more

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Benefits of Training

Iíve been training pretty steady for the last 8 months, so now Iím getting interested in what Iím getting out of my training. Could you tell me about the benefits? (Shanice, West Hempstead)Answer

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