Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life
It’s time to take back your power and turn stress into strength. If you have needed accomplishment after accomplishment to validate your self-worth, yet have never felt at peace or satisfied, it’s time to reconnect with the hidden girl within and revel in the quiet, relaxing moments. I show you how in my original new book Addicted to Stress: A Woman's 7 Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life ( 9/15/ 2008, Publisher: Jossey-Bass - An imprint of John Wiley).

I wrote this book to liberate us from the endless to-do list which must end. We can’t keep missing the simple truths in life while trying to be so perfect, clever and accomplished.

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  • Be Aware of Your Own Stress Addiction
  • Reclaim Your Identity
  • Learn to Become a Healthy Narcissist
  • Build a Healthy Body
  • Cultivate Your Sense of Fun And Humor
  • Jumpstart Your Libido
  • Reframe Your Thoughts
You will finally be cured, able to build up immunity to outside pressure and rediscover your true core self, the hidden, free-spirited girl within before you became a wife, a mother, a colleague at the workplace and a caregiver. Helicopter over yourself for a change and restore the balance. Smile deeply within, “I am good enough.”
New book offers a breakthrough stress-management/ fitness program to millions of caregivers who need to focus more on their personal well-being.

(Resurrection Press, October 2005 - $9.95)
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Learn How to Flow (PDF)
Stop Being a Good Little Girl (PDF)
Get Rid of Guilt (PDF)
An Exercise to Stop Being a Desperate Housewife (PDF)

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As health researchers continue to study the connection between stress and well-being, they are finding more evidence that stress contributes to aging and inflammation; in order to be healthy and happy, we need to learn how to quickly decompress after the inevitable stressful situations in our lives.

Caregivers are bombarded with additional daily stressors which greatly undermine their ability to function as effective caregivers. Before they can overcome these demands, they need to see the whole context of life to rediscover their true identity and to fulfill their individual dreams.

The following analogy illustrates the heart of the matter.
Prior to airplane takeoff the stewardess demonstrates emergency measures and recommends putting the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then on the person or child in your care. Because if you pass out, your charge doesn’t stand a chance!

Give yourself room to breathe and step into the light of creativity and empowerment. The people you care for will be better because of it!

That’s the guiding light behind my new book, Changing Habits: The Caregivers’ Total Workout (Resurrection Press, September 2005). This is the first comprehensive health and fitness program that shows caregivers how to energize, get fit, eat right, shed stress and enjoy life. A series of small, defined changes can lead to sustainable happiness. Each chapter demonstrates how to restore balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Readers learn how to:
  • Draw inspiration from caregivers’ success stories
  • Break their addiction to stress
  • Balance the two brains, limbic and rational, to generate positive energy
  • Reinterpret negatives into positives for a 24 hour relaxation response
  • Let go of guilty feelings when taking time out for the self
  • Follow a low-fad rainbow diet to combat stress
  • Exercise to alleviate anxiety and prevent or manage illness
  • Weight train to lift the spirit, restore internal focus and channel energy
Changing Habits offers readers practical tools to turn back the clock and enhance vitality. Small changes, giant gains

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Table of Contents
Sample Chapter - Training for Burnout

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Inside every individual exists a powerful capacity for healing and transformation so as to stand up for the self - truthfully. Our life-path nudges us to move beyond personal doubts and fears through positive perception. Some people let defeat ruin them; others let victory ruin them. It is neither the win nor the loss that makes you triumphant, only your feelings.

In Turn On Your Inner Light, Mandel draws the reader out of the cocoon, the dark place where there is no room to breathe or feel, and into the light of creativity and empowerment. She frees the mind with science and story, original meditations and rituals along with exercises and prescriptions for health and fitness. The exercises are holistic, targeting common life situations and progress as the reader advances in strength and spirit. Her warm and loving style guides the reader in finding a personal balance between earth practicality and spiritual vision.
Learn to read life in order to live with a sense of “who you are.”
Discover how to handle:
* Burnout * Psychosomatic Pain * Addiction *
* Insomnia * Romance * Fear *