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"Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness For Body, Mind and Soul holds true to its name. I found Debbie Mandel's book inspiring, informational, and even therapeutic. Each chapter focuses on physical, mental and spiritual training for common life situations such as dealing with people who push your butons, learning to love yourself, to facing your fears, and teaches techniques to help overcome negative conditions like insomnia, divorce, and relieving psychosomatic pain, to name a few. All in all Turn On Your Inner Light is a good read. Packed with useful information and inspirational meditations and workouts. It's a perfect book for anyone seeking to learn more about fitness and spirituality."
Talent In Motion Magazine - December 2002 Entire Review

"Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness For The Mind, Body, And Soul by motivational speaker and stress reduction expert Debbie Mandel is a compilation of stretching and physical exercises as well as straightforward advice to improving the quality of one's emotional, spiritual, and corporeal health. From learning to love oneself to using exercise to overcome desperation, Turn On Your Inner Light is an easy-to-follow, supportive and recommended whole-body and whole-psyche self-help guide for non-specialist general readers seeking to improve their physical/emotional/spiritual well-being."
Midwest Book Review - Small Press Bookwatch , - December 2002

"Readers looking to switch on fitness for body, mind and soul may wish to consider Mandel's determined inspiration, Turn On Your Inner Light, a heartfelt and well done primer for assessing, improving and fine tuning self image.
Covered here are the how-to's of training of all sorts, including: training for burnout, for insomnia, for disappointment, for romance, trauma, deception and divorce, training to handle money, intimacy and yes, even for "the years of gold."
Mix together a good dose of yogic stretching, a smattering of weight room routines and yep, a nice sprinkling of fairy dust too, and here it is — Nirvana in spades for the open-minded set."
the boox review, - December 2002

"In a new book Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness For Body, Mind and Soul Debbie Eisenstadt Mandel takes us on a fascinating health journey that informs us of everyday ways to to lead a healthier, and consequently happier life....This combination of mind, body and soul is unique in its presentation and is the perfect tool to free up any pent-up stress that has been witheld, resulting in a fit lifestyle that is sure to become more enjoyable."
Image Magazine, 10/15/2002 Entire Review

"The book is imaginative and well-written, and even inspiring in a number of places – definitely a success for this first-time author. Even if a reader does not follow the fitness regime, the introductions to each fitness plan make for good self-help reading. The text is punctuated with subtly humorous cartoons, making the reading more pleasant."
David Leonhardt - The Happy Guy (May 2003)Entire Review

Turn On Your Inner Light offers an innovative blend of spiritual affirmations and physical fitness for overall good health and well being. The exercises are easy to follow with a hands on approach, and very effective. They are designed to reduce stress, increase focus and strength. And they are fun!”
Dr. Charles Tobey, Chairman Physical Education and Exercise Science, City University of N.Y.

“Debbie is high on life, and truly a sunshine girl. She takes us through an exhilarating journey of mind and body, providing us with a host of coping skills”
Dr. Tobias Jungreis, author of "How to be a Great Husband"

Turn On Your Inner Light is a book of compact wisdom. I especially like the intelligence and originality of her stress reduction solutions. She transforms the energy invested in the struggle to an easy smile, helping the unsettled mind find inner peace and happiness.
Laszlo Papp, M.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University.

“14th century Catherine of Siena, described herself as dwelling in the cell of self- knowledge through the gentle mirror of God. Turn On Your Inner Light will help people in the New Millennium enter into that same cell of self-knowledge.”
Sister Peggy Tully, O.P.D. Min, Pastoral Associate at Cure of Ars Parish.