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Admissions Essay Advisory Services

Writing the Admissions Essay(s) for college, graduate programs, medical and law schools induces stress and fear because of the fierce competition. As an author and writing coach I can guide you through the daunting essay process Ė a creative journey and make it fun. I will be your muse, mentor and editor. You will discover how to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As we brainstorm together for that different idea which sets you apart, you will feel more empowered to write your paper. Then we will outline it. Afterwards, I will show you how to edit your words, to use your 5 senses to communicate concretely: to show instead of tell. You will learn how to become a competent writer who counts his words and makes them count.

My Credentials:
I have taught (on the high school and college levels) and practiced writing for over twenty-five years. I have had phenomenal success is helping students get admitted to college and graduate programs such as
  • Wharton Business School
  • Yale College
  • Fordham Law School
  • Harvard College
  • University of Pennsylvania College
  • NYU Stern Business School
  • Mount Sinai Medical School
My Services:
  • Personal interview via phone
  • Brainstorming and planning via phone
  • As many drafts as it takes via email
While the success rate for getting you into the college of your choice is also heavily dependent on other factors such as your SATís, GMATís, GREís, LSAT's scores and your grade point average, the essay is a critical component and can help you stand out. Donít let it eliminate you.

Let's work together to make your application as strong as it can be.

Additional Info and Fees:
For further information about my Essay Advisory Services and Fees please e-mail Debbie Mandel