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February 13, 2006

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Affirmation of the Week
Instead of highlighting
the differences between the sexes;
let’s honor the opposite sex.

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Guest of the Week - Dr. Rovenia Brock

On Feb 14, 2006 - Our guest expert is Dr. Rovenia Brock, a medical journalist and author of Ten Secrets to Livin’ Healthy. Is food the key to good health?

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Health Tips of the Week

  • You might be surprised to learn that in a statistical survey – some men drive themselves to the hospital when they are experiencing a heart attack! Obviously this is quite dangerous for the patient and for the general public. Women, on the other hand, do not drive themselves, but wait a lot longer before going to the hospital. Women waited an average of 14 hours, while men waited 3 hours. Both expected symptoms to be more dramatic and were embarrassed about calling an ambulance.
  • People who own dogs get more exercise by walking. The reason is obvious isn’t it?
  • Teenagers and adults younger than 65 are most likely susceptible to whooping cough. The immunity we received as infants and then in a booster wears off in 5 or 10 years. Whooping cough, known as Pertussis, can result in complications like pneumonia, middle ear infection, dehydration, seizures and death. An adult with a cough for longer than 2 weeks should get a throat culture.
  • If you are suffering from arthritis or gout, try eating a bowl of fresh Bing cherries. I guess the expression holds true, “Life is just a bowl of cherries.”
  • Live active yogurt boosts your immune system. Studies find that eating yogurt helps people fight off pneumonia. Recommended is a daily serving of yogurt.
  • The most recent CDC National Interview Health Survey reported that married men were less likely to be in a healthy weight range than single, separated or divorced men.

Article of the Week
How to Lose Weight with the Zen No-Diet

The zone diet, point plan, South Beach, Miami Mediterranean, French-let-them-eat-cake diet, blood-type diet, acid-alkaline diet – well you get the picture; we’re heavier than ever! It’s time for some alternatives that are radical chic and go down smooth and easy. Human beings by nature are not creatures of deprivation and in the land of good and plenty, plain and simple, a weight loss program that involves cutting back on food is not going to work culturally. We have to come up with other ways (weighs) to be healthy and look good.

Borrowing from Zen terminology, the yin-yang of things, I wish to announce the no-diet. Zen always links opposites together for greater spirituality and practical behavior. In Zen one of the greatest achievements as far as enlightenment is concerned is the “no-mind” where one is free of distraction and invasive thoughts. Note: the term enlightenment, which suggests weight loss, makes you lighter. “No-mind” enables the practitioner to face life’s obstacles and joys with equanimity and acceptance. The “no-mind” is concerned with the “no-thing,” in other words, completely liberated by objectivity. Hence, to give you some food for thought, I have created the no-diet. more

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
What is the RICE Method for Healing Injuries?

Now that I’ve been hanging around the gym, when people get injured, I hear trainers say, “Use the rice method.” I know it can’t be a food, so what exactly is it? (Carla, Elmont)Answer

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