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March 20, 2006

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Affirmation of the Week
Adopt the trait
of a great artist or a great lover:
Be passionate about what you do.

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Guest of the Week - Brian Tracy

On Mar 21, 2006 - Our guest expert Brian Tracy has started, built and managed 22 different companies, written 38 books and speaks to more than 250,000 people each year. His latest book, Something for Nothing, will help you achieve your true potential.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • New pediatric research in JAMA indicates that children’s croup does not need to be treated by high humidity. Croup resolves itself and there might be greater benefit in wrapping the child in a blanket and taking him out in the cool night air.
  • From the Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorder Center: Ambien can make you sleep - eat during the night. People on ambien may sleep walk to the kitchen, eat high calorie foods and make a mess without any recollection.
  • Dutch researchers found that simple muscle-tensing exercises such as crossing your legs or making a fist can help prevent a fainting spell. Muscle-tensing exercises return pooled blood from the legs to the heart and then the head.
  • The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that a diet which includes low-fat dairy products, smaller portions of lean meats and skinless poultry, more soy products and foods high in fiber lowers cholesterol. To sum it up: Oatmeal and soy will help lower cholesterol.
  • New studies confirm that to avoid a heart attack in addition to lowering bad cholesterol raising the good cholesterol is just as important – you can do this by exercising regularly and eating your omega 3’s.
  • An important finding for asthma sufferers from Harvard Medical research: Natural Killer T Cells in the lungs as opposed to conventional T cells trigger the inflammatory response to asthma. Therefore a medication targeting the high number of killer T cells in the lungs of asthma sufferers could lead to a successful new treatment.

Article of the Week
How to Get Him to Listen

Could this be you or someone you know?

Judy rushes to the door as her husband Mark turns the key; he has not yet loosened his tie and put down his attaché. She delivers a long, detailed narrative about her day, particularly, her conversation with a girlfriend. He rolls his eyes at her and grimaces, “Judy, this is nonsense and not worth repeating. Can I take my coat off?” Judy feels trivialized and decides to pull away from Mark – physically and emotionally. Their dialogues follow this pattern and Judy feels pressured to say it in 25 words or less. The silence grows until it snowballs into a huge frigid problem as Judy becomes more distant, not opening up about what is really bothering her. Mark figures that Judy is having an affair.

During a stress-management session they start to talk about it, where it all began. Judy explains that if Mark were more available to her emotionally, she would not feel invalidated. Finally, Mark gets it! He did not realize he had been invalidating her when he impatiently dismissed her little narratives about her day. Grimacing and rolling his eyes made her reach the boiling point. On the other hand, she wasn’t sympathetic to his stressors when he returned home tired from work and the commute. He needed to detoxify for awhile. Mark and Judy have learned how to argue in a healthy way keeping the lines of communication open. Thanks to me they now argue a lot! That’s a good thing because once you shut down the other person, there is no relationship. When you fall into an old pattern, and then expect a different result, you are setting yourself up for failure. more

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Squatting for Success

I’ve heard squatting will shape my glutes and legs. What is the proper form for this exercise? I can’t wait to start doing squats. (Loretta, Centerreach) Answer

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