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March 27, 2006

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Affirmation of the Week
Itís never too late to become
what you might have been.

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Guest of the Week - Claude Anshin Thomas

On Mar 28, 2006 - Our guest expert Claude Anshin Thomas, a decorated Vietnam Vet who became a Buddhist monk, and author of At Hellís Gate. Learn how to heal the war within.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • Experts report that 10-month-old babies can learn new words and usually link those words to interesting objects. This is why children learn words faster when parents name the objects that infants are attracted to. Keep talking to babies because they are learning new words even when they canít say them yet.
  • The FDAís Advisory Committee recommended adding warning labels to ADHD medications like Ritalin, Strattera and Adderall. Some incidents included, hallucinations, mania and cardiovascular problems. In the United States, nearly 3.3 million people age 19 and younger used an ADHD drug in 2005!
  • The high levels of fluoride that occur naturally in some drinking water can cause tooth discoloration and weaken the enamel. Down the road with more accumulated fluoride in the body, bone fractures are more likely. Levels should be reduced according to the National Research Council.
  • Treating a mother's depression can help prevent it in her child, claims a new study that will have a great impact on family health care. Effective treatment for mothers could mean their children might avoid the need for prescription antidepressants. Mothers usually put themselves last, but itís time they care for their own needs because children absorb stress levels.
  • Women who eat plenty of tomatoes, carrots and leafy greens appear less likely to have asthma, or at least have fewer episodes and are less likely to suffer from other allergies.

Article of the Week
Gow to Reinvent Yourself

Whether you are a career mom, stay at home dad, or an empty-nester, you might feel a bit constricted and stale. ďNow what?Ē You are flooded with guilt for not appreciating what you have and for greedily desiring more. You wonder what will generate happiness: Shopping for a new wardrobe, a makeover, a separate vacation from the family, an affair; what passion can you inject into your ordinary world? Perhaps, you shrug your shoulders; itís too late anyway.

George Eliot, the novelist, aptly said, ďItís never too late to become what you might have been.Ē We all have a passion, an inspiration deep inside, waiting to emerge. There are just many layers covering it up. Itís time to peel back some of those layers to reveal the fresh, vital skin underneath. You can rewrite your story. Itís okay to write fiction because in your fiction, what you envision for yourself, lives your deepest truth. If you donít like writing, speak into a tape recorder. Do you ever wonder how different you might have turned out if you had been born in another time period, country or to another set of parents? Are you solidly certain that you know who you really are? Later, when you read or listen to yourself reciting your story, a pattern might emerge leading to your unique identity. Try to play with the puzzle pieces.

Now that you have found the words and a picture is emerging, here are some strategies to help you take the inspiration and make it concrete with some order and meaning more

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Pilates Will Make You Lean, Flexible and Strong

Last week I observed a Pilates class and decided to take it this week. What can I achieve doing Pilates? (Anna, Smithtown)Answer

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