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April 3, 2006

Book Signing
Barnes & Noble (Carle Place, Long Island)
April 25, 2006 - 7:30 PM
Discussion: Changing Habits: How to be self-ish when taking care of your family.
91 Old Country Road, Carle Place, NY 11514 (516-741-9850)

Changing Habits: The Caregivers' Total Workout

Affirmation of the Week
No pressure,
no diamonds

Weekly Wellness Radio Show

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Guest of the Week - Dr. Deidre Combs

On Apr 4, 2006 - Our guest expert Dr. Deidre Combs, a speaker, mediator and author of Worst Enemy Best Teacher. Learn how to get along with the people who drive you crazy.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • A study from the University of Oregon says that multi-tasking increases the level of stress hormones which eventually harms memory and organization centers of the brain. Itís counterproductive!
  • For men experiencing erectile dysfunction thereís a special exercise called Kegels. Women have been doing their Kegels for urinary incontinence for years and apparently it works for men too with the added benefit of restoring their potency.
  • New mothers returning to the workforce may not be fully recovered five or six weeks after delivery because they still have symptoms like fatigue, headache and emotional ups and downs. Women along with their doctors might want to come up with some creative solutions for returning to work.
  • Loneliness is as bad for the heart as being overweight or inactive according to researchers from Psychology and Aging Magazine.
  • Brooklyn College researchers claim that older women who watch hours of daytime talk shows and soap operas tend to score worse on tests of cognitive skills.
  • You might be brushing on the bacteria because water-based makeup products and applicators like brushes and pads used for cream blush, foundation and mascara are great breeding grounds for bacteria. Wash your brushes, replace your makeup frequently and if your lip gloss smells funny, throw it away!

Article of the Week
Jealousy - Curse or Blessing?

We should not feel guilty about having a jealous heart. The closer we get to people the more likely we are to feel jealous or become the object of envy. Jealousy and greed are powerful emotions which everyone on earth has experienced because we are competitive creatures, born and bred. Even Mother Theresa and Albert Schweitzer were jealous and greedy people! They were jealous of those who helped others and were greedy to do more good and save more people from harm. So what do we do when jealousy upsets our equilibrium and pushes our anger button? Toss out of our life everybody who is jealous of us or avoid everyone we envy? Our world will become constricted surrounded only by people who massage our egos and are similar to us, how boring. We need to learn and grow. Acute stress is good for us as it wakes us up to be more vigilant and to perform better, the same with jealousy.

If you are a jealous person
On the outside looking in at successful friends (each one of us has a different definition for success) how do you find peace in your heart? After all, you are more deserving because you are: more

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Itís the Season for Flat Abs

No matter how much cardio I do as well as restricting my calories, I canít lose the fat on my lower stomach. I was told I would be stuck with it because itís where I store my fat. (Lisa Q, Oakdale) Answer

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