Debbie Mandel’s
Turn On Your Inner Light
Weekly Wellness Newsletter
April 10, 2005

Affirmation of the Week
We are encouraged
to speak what we think,
but let’s not forget
to think before we speak.

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Guest of the Week - Liz Neporent

On April 12, 2005 - Liz Neporent, a fitness columnist for iVillage and the co-author of the Fat-Free Truth. Get the real answers to weight loss and fitness.

Health Tips of the Week

  • Injections of the active ingredient found in red-hot chili peppers may produce lasting pain relief in people with knee osteoarthritis.
  • Botox is known to be great for wrinkles, but it also works against various conditions that cause pain such as: Diabetic nerve pain, the wrist pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, neck spasms and headache. One injection of Botox produced an average 68% decrease in pain lasting about 3 months.
  • Latest research shows that people use their eyes to count calories and not their stomachs. Because portions are bigger, we keep eating as long as our plates are full. So, fool your eyes: Downsize those portions; use smaller plates and when you eat out, take half home for the next day.
  • An investigation by Consumer Reports found that five of the best-selling models of popular ionizing air cleaners emitted relatively high levels of ozone. Ironically, ozone exposure can aggravate allergies and decrease lung function. If you have asthma or allergies, some of these air cleaners could be hazardous to your health!
  • The more television a 4-year-old watches, the more likely he or she will become a bully in grade school. Researchers have added bullying to the list of potential negative consequences of excessive television viewing along with obesity, inattention, and other types of aggression.
  • In a new study, people with stable heart disease who exercised or took a stress management class (besides getting medical care for their condition) fared better than those who didn't. Perhaps the next study will see if there is a synergistic effect by combing exercise and stress-management – the results appear to be predictably positive.

Article of the Week -
How to Find a Soul Mate Instead of a Cell Mate

Falling in love has been described as a thrilling adventure, a fluttering emotion and the ultimate life force. That’s why I wonder why the term, “falling in love,” is used to describe such a positive love relationship. It implies tripping, getting hurt, not mindful of where we are going. Some of the physical accompaniments of being love sick like butterflies in the stomach, a fever, a tightening in the throat, or a deep ache don’t sound too inviting either – quite the opposite of joy and contentment. What is love and can it last?

For example, Prince Charles and Diana were married in a storybook wedding. Diana was young and beautiful, and adored Charles. She tried hard to please him. However, the two soon became cell mates leading to the sad and untimely death of Princess Di. In contrast, surviving a thirty year romance, potentially blocked by royal duties and the harsh opinion of the British people, Camilla and Prince Charles have finally wed. Camilla expressing herself with an easy smile and comfortable with her matronly body, is clearly Prince Charles’ soul mate.

Love can take you on an immense compassionate journey out of yourself in order to find your higher self – your soul mate. However, your soul mate is not found in a significant other, but exists inside you. The role of the person you fall in love with is to support you with kindness and constructive emotional communication to help you realize who you are. He or she can help you appreciate and fulfill yourself – to be at peace. When you are in love, happy and content, you experience a good relationship with yourself - your love partner becomes an added bonus. When you realize that no one can complete you, but yourself, then all the people you meet complete you because you are open and receptive to integrating their love and their words. More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
A trainer told me that doing crunches everyday would eventually lead to lower back problems. I thought crunches would be great for abdominal success! What’s the scoop? ( Sara, Rosedale) Answer

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