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April 22, 2008

Affirmation of the Week
Many of us ask for
Godís blessings in our endeavors,
but donít expect God
to do them for you!.

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Featured Show - Dan Ariely, PhD.

April 15, 2008 Show - Dan Ariely, PhD., the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Behavioral Economics at MIT, a researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, a visiting Professor at Duke University, and author of Predictably Irrational. Learn about the hidden forces which shape your decisions.

April 22, 2008 Show - Scott McCredie, twice winner of the Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism Award, has written for the Seattle Times and Smithsonian Magazine, and author of Balance. Learn how to prevent falls by activating your sense of balance.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • People with high blood pressure appear to be less likely to have migraines than those with low blood pressure. Researchers claim that stiff arteries associated with high blood pressure may play a role in protecting against migraine.
  • A large, randomized drug trial has shown for the first time that statin drugs result in a modest, but significant, reduction in blood pressure
  • Young people who dress according to the customs of their own ethnic group are less likely to have subsequent mental health problems than those who don't.
  • Having choices is typically thought of as a good thing. Maybe not, say researchers who found we are more fatigued and less productive when faced with many choices.
  • Higher testosterone in the morning leads to higher earnings for the day for traders.
  • Speaking of testosterone, women spraying a little testosterone on their bellies raises libido as well as the placebo. Save your money.
  • People with Alzheimer's disease who take vitamin E appear to live longer than those who don't take vitamin E.
  • The vitamin industry has long claimed that antioxidants improve health by filling in gaps in diet, but new studies found no evidence that nutrition supplements extend life.
  • There appears to be a link between formaldehyde and ALS. Lower your exposure.

Article of the Week
How to Make More Rational Decisions

Most of us are aware of the placebo effect and how potent it is in proving the mind/body connection. However, do we know the far-reaching effects of a placebo? Well, drug companies certainly do. We are more likely to believe that an expensive drug will work better than a cheaper version! And how did we ever make up our minds to spend over four dollars on a cup of coffee with an Italian name, sounding like a descendent of Machiavelli? During these financially difficult times with massive layoffs on Wall Street and the dollar being devalued we need to get a handle on our expenditures and stop shopping to fill an empty heart or keep up an image. Dr. Dan Arielyís book, Predictably Irrational ,explains our decision-making process using behavioral economics, a merger of psychology and economics. You can listen to his interview on my Turn On Your Inner Light radio show (WGBB Radio Long Island).

What makes him an astute commentator on our spending tendencies is that he has always been fascinated by what skews our reasoning abilities. It all began when he was hospitalized at the age of eighteen for burns over seventy percent of his body. Undergoing three years of excruciating treatment in a burn unit involving daily bandage removal, soaking in a stinging disinfectant and then repeating the process the next day, he wondered why the nurses did not listen to his suggestions for a less painful bandage removal. Instead, they ripped off bandages as quickly as they could as opposed to pulling them off slowly.more

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