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May 15, 2007

Affirmation of the Week
Donít be afraid of growing too slowly;
instead be afraid of standing still

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Guest of the Week - Pamela Oslie

This week's show:
May 15, 2007 Show - Fitness guru, Pamela Oslie, author of Love Colors. Auras contain important clues about relationships. Create your ideal partnership.

Last week's show:
May 08, 2007 Show - Joseph Nowinski, PhD, a professor at the University of Connecticut, who has counseled teens and their parents for over 20 years, and author of The Identity Trap. Learn how to deal with common teen problems in a healthy way.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • People who take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs for more than six months, even smokers, cut their lung cancer risk by 55%. Taking statins for 4 or more years cut lung cancer risk by 77%.
  • A new approach to autism. A hormone that helps women give birth and breast-feed has shown promise in relieving some symptoms of autism, scientists reported at an international conference last week in Seattle. Oxytocin, which naturally stimulates uterine contractions and breast milk, has helped some autistic adults reduce repetitive behavior, such as rocking, and improved their ability to identify emotions like anger and happiness to relate to people better.
  • A large number of parents are ignoring warnings from the American Academy of Pediatrics and are allowing their very young children to watch TV, DVDs or videos, so that by 3 months of age 40 percent of infants are regular viewers. By 2 years of age 90% are watching TV.
  • Green tea just keeps getting better. It can reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  • NYU researchers show rising numbers of children hospitalized with Type 2 Diabetes. While pediatricians weigh children regularly, they donít do much to address the weight gain.
  • Children conceived in June, July and August, when pesticide spraying is at its peak, scored lower on achievement tests than other kids

Article of the Week
Itís a Beautiful Day. Donít Miss It

Spring time inspires creativity and thinking outside the box. For gardeners Motherís Day heralds the planting season symbolizing the cycle of life and new possibilities. It is a bittersweet time as some things have died in the garden and some people have died in our lives. But even at the very end, when we think we have nothing to contribute, nothing new to give birth to, we can make the biggest changes and do the most good.

A death row prisoner, Philip Workman, 53, executed last week, requested that his final meal be a vegetarian pizza donated to any homeless person near Riverbend Maximum Security Institution. Oddly enough prison officials did not honor his final request, the reason being that they do not donate to charities. However, homeless shelters across Nashville were overwhelmed with Pizzas because people rallied to fulfill the dying manís last request. One simple expression of charity triggered a chain reaction of generosity and sparked new consciousness for the forgotten homeless. more

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Will Weight-lifting Make me Look Like a Man?

I want to begin lifting weights (not just light weight sculpting classes), but I have 2 short questions. Will lifting weights make me look like a man? What are the benefits? (Janis, Oakdale) Answer

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The Perfect Gift
For Caregivers who are stressed and need advice on

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