Debbie Mandel’s
Turn On Your Inner Light
Weekly Wellness Newsletter
May 26, 2004

Affirmation of the Week
People who fight fire with fire
usually end up with ashes.

Health Tips of the Week

  • A new research study proves some old world knowledge that lonely people are more susceptible to hardening of the arteries and heart disease. Social isolation and lack of a support system raise the risk of mortality from heart disease. Get out there and mingle or at the very least-get a pet.
  • What you suspected is true: not only are hospitals a known source of infection, but doctors’ ties carry many pathogens. Doctors lean over their patients with extended ties coming in direct contact with bacteria and viruses. While white coats are cleaned daily, ties are worn many times before cleaned and doctors don’t think about washing their hands after touching their ties. A simple solution is not to wear them.
  • Aspirin not only reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer, but has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women over 50. If you are prone to ulcer or stomach bleeding this is not the therapy for you. Taking just one aspirin a week lowered the risk substantially. Greater benefit was seen from daily therapy. Forget Tylenol or Ibuprofen- they don’t help in this case.
  • A combination of moderate exercise and antioxidant vitamin supplements may work together to help protect against hardening of the arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis, a new study suggests. Moderate exercise along with vitamins C and E have a synergistic effect on your arteries.
  • Sorry folks, but acupuncture does not lower blood pressure. Stick with diet, exercise, low sodium and appropriate drug therapy. No need to seek alternative therapies when the others work so well.
  • In one of my favorite studies: Dark chocolate is good for the heart and can improve blood flow as it elevates your mood.
  • A cup of coffee has a surprising range of health benefits. The higher your coffee consumption, the greater the benefits: Lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, protect against liver damage, colon cancer, help tackle tension headaches, combat stress by raising endorphins, lower the risk of Parkinson’s, has an antibacterial to help thwart cavities. If you have trouble sleeping or have stomach problems, I suggest you drink tea.

Article of the Week -
How to Recognize and Shed Toxic Friends

To feel happy and healthy we need to seek out what specifically brings us joy. High on the list is friendship. Instinctually, we gravitate to positive people to trigger positivism within ourselves. We look to our friends to interpret the big picture for us, to help us find a solution to dramatic problems that overwhelm us. We trust them with our secrets and often take their advice. However, over the years friends change and we change as well. Each decade reveals buried treasures of personality and personal growth. Careers, finances, status and intimate relationships undergo transformations. Our friends remember us way back when… And what if we should succeed? Jealousy, the green-eyed monster, slings its barbs, chipping away at our ability to trust. Et tu, Brutus? Here is how to recognize a toxic relationship and how not to fall apart. More.. -- Other articles

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Perhaps, this is not your typical question, but what exactly is a six-pack? If it’s what I think it is, then clearly I have a keg? Do you have any suggestions? (John, Smithtown) Answer

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Radio Show Guest of the Week - Dr. Bernie Siegel
Tune into the Turn On Your Inner Light Radio Show Sunday mornings 7:30 - 8:00am on WHLI 1100 AM in Long Island. ( show archive).
On May 30, 2004 -Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of 365 Prescriptions for the Soul with humorous and concrete wisdom will prescribe Soul medicine that is guaranteed to make you feel good

Debbie Eisenstadt Mandel, MA is the author of Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind and Soul, a stress-reduction specialist, motivational speaker, a personal trainer and mind/body lecturer at Southampton College. She is the host of the weekly Turn On Your Inner Light Show on WHLI 1100 AM in Long Island and has been featured on radio/ TV and print media.

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