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June 12, 2006

Affirmation of the Week
You probably have more alternatives
than you think you have.

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Guest of the Week - Mark Thornton

On June 13, 2006 - Our guest expert is Mark Thornton, an executive meditation coach and author of Meditation in a New York Minute. You can meditate quickly and effectively while commuting or taking a shower.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • Last week scientists reported that global warming will cause more poisonous poison ivy. The latest from Harvard is that pollen will be on the rise too. Global warming will cause plants like ragweed to flourish and their growing season will be extended.
  • Breast cancer has a poorer prognosis in black women. The Journal of the American Medical Association cites the reason as a different genetic pattern along with inferior health care. While breast cancer is more common in white women, black women are more likely to die from it.
  • From Columbia Universityís psychiatry dept. there has been a sharp national increase in anti-psychotic medication for children and adolescents.
  • Ordinary powdered ginger destroyed cancer in human ovarian cells in different ways in the lab. The next phase is to test it in animals.
  • Putting on a few extra pounds can make you more susceptible to acid reflux disease while losing a few pounds is associated with improvement.
  • If you are in pain, listening to music could bring you more pain relief than standard pain management techniques. Apparently music provides patients with a method to relax and distract themselves from pain in addition to their medication or possibly instead of.

Article of the Week
Leave Your Comfort Zone

For the last decade we have all been strongly advised to get in balance with our mind/ body and work/ home relationships in order to be positively healthy. And we have been trying to do just that by carving out some personal enjoyable time, doing some sort of exercise and eating nutrient dense foods. However, you might find that in spite of all this effort you experience a generalized anxiety and a vague unhappiness. Why did this happen when you are doing everything right? Perhaps, you feel betrayed by the self-help gurus whose special strategies and little rituals you are implementing because you are still negative! The solution: Challenge your balance. You need to leave your comfort zone to be truly happy and sustain it!

Of course, all of us try to coast through life by following a routine that seems to work. However, no one can remain at equilibrium. Everything and everyone is changing all around us. We are constantly changing internally before we perceive how we change externally. Even a revival theatre production or a blast from the past in fashion is not the same as the original; there are always updates or a slightly different emphasis. So, when we think that we are in balance, actually we are not! As soon as we adjust to family, friends and colleagues, disappointment or even good fortune comes along to undermine our stability; there is a shift in their lives and so in our own. We are shaken and filled with fear.

To prepare for lifeís instabilities we should challenge our balance all the time, rehearsing to become more flexible and fluid. How can we be ready when stress hits unless we train ourselves during the good times? Here are some suggestions: More

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Health Benefits of Flat Abs

Iíve been training over a year now seriously and for the most part Iím cutting my calories, doing my cardio, which I hate, and strength training. Iím happy with the results except I canít get flat abs. Iíve come to the conclusion that I wonít and thatís okay, but I want to stop doing sit-ups as I hate them too. Do I have to train my abs? (Darren, Smithtown) .Answer

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