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June 12, 2007

Affirmation of the Week
Donít miss the silver lining
because you are looking for gold.

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Guest of the Week - Dr. Jenn Berman

This week's show:
June 12, 2007 Show - Dr. Jenn Berman, a family therapist and author of The A to Z Guide of Raising Happy, Confident Kids. Learn how to establish the balance between freedom and boundaries.

Last week's show:
June 05, 2007 Show - Jo Ann Bennett-Boltinghouse, author of Yolanda Baby and a self-esteem educator. Be good at what you do.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • A new study shows that it's not enough to treat multiple sclerosis as soon as it's diagnosed. The time to start treatment is when you've had a single MS-like event. In other words, treat the disease even before it is diagnosed!
  • Moderate strengthening exercises may help people with early stage ALS maintain function and quality of life longer, according to researchers.
  • Stress may be another environmental factor that increases the risk for Alzheimerís. Now there is molecular evidence to make the case.
  • Agricultural workers exposed to high levels of pesticides and people who use them on houseplants appear to have a greater risk of developing brain tumors.
  • New findings show that the majority of people untrained in how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and even many trained emergency personnel, do not push with enough force to properly administer CPR.
  • While orange cauliflower may seem unappealing, it has distinct nutritional advantages like a greater amount of Beta-Carotene. Cornell researchers have identified the genetic mutation behind the unusual hue, which may lead to more nutritious crops down the road.
  • Low levels of testosterone may increase the long-term risk of death in men over 50 years old, according to researchers with the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of California. However, lifestyle changes like exercise and healthy eating can change that!

Article of the Week
How to Fill an Empty Nest

Many of you might have been absorbed by your teenís college application process and then with great relief, celebrating the admissions process. After all the energy expended, the simple truth sets in that you are embarking on a new life phase as an empty nester. You have built your life around the kids and now because you have done your job right, the last little bird is about to fly away. You look at your spouse and wonder how the two of you are going to live alone together. What you fear most is boredom with all this newly found togetherness as a couple. You are not the same bright-eyed person you once were when you first got married and neither is he.

Itís time to get reacquainted with yourself first and then with your spouse. Losing interest in one another is not inevitable and please donít fall for the something-better-out-there-is-waiting-for-you story; thatís just Hollywood. This is the time to get in touch with the deeper reasons for your unhappiness: Aging, forgotten dreams, shallow friendships and a lack of self-care.

Itís time to decide what makes you happy, what you want to experience. Also, it helps to know your validation issues like who and what validates you. Are you worried if you disappeared tomorrow, no one would miss you? How can you cultivate a feeling that you still matter and that you can contribute?

If you are apprehensive about being alone with him, it is most likely that you are worried about being alone with yourself. If you think that you are falling out of love with him, you are probably falling out of love with yourself. So, let your partner help you. Let him support you during your soul-searching journey. Instead of looking at him and thinking, ďI have outgrown you.Ē Why not share your personal growth with him?

Here are some simple suggestions to refill the empty nest with a loving relationship.more

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How to Boost Your Energy Level After Your Workout

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