Debbie Mandel’s
Turn On Your Inner Light
Weekly Wellness Newsletter
July 7, 2004

Affirmation of the Week
Make up your mind
to be reasonably happy.

Health Tips of the Week

  • The latest study on daily soy supplements is disappointing: Soy did not help preserve a women's thinking ability or bone density. The study also showed no evidence that the supplement provided cardiac benefit by improving women's cholesterol levels. Researchers explain these surprising results claiming that the women studied, ages 60-75, were too old to reap the benefits of soy proteins because the greatest bone loss and increase in cholesterol begin shortly after menopause. The conclusion is to begin soy supplements before menopause before the damage is done. Timing is everything.
  • New research claims that over-the-counter cough suppressants may be no more useful for calming a cough in children than simple sugar syrup. The message to parents: tough it out during those miserable night-time coughing spells because in a few days with or without cough medicine, the cough will go away. And if you donít give a child cough medicine, there can be no negative drug side effects. Itís a question of risk-reward and now there are no rewards.
  • A recent survey shows that about 50% of the time doctors in hospitals donít wash their hands between patients. When the workload increases, hand washing decreases. Having anti-bacterial wipes at the patientís bedside or in doctorsí pockets might solve the problem.
  • Moderate milk and calcium intake reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. The latest studies looked at a variety of dairy products. While all dairy products were linked to reduced rates of colon cancer, milk had the strongest association. Those who drank 9 or more ounces a day had a 15% lower risk of colon cancer. Make it low-fat or non-fat milk, please!
  • Researchers warn that artificial sweeteners may interfere with the body's natural ability to count calories based on a food's sweetness and make people prone to overindulging in other sweet foods and beverages. Whatís a person to do? Keep in mind balance and portion control.

Article of the Week -
How to Refresh a Stale Relationship -
Take the Stale out of Stalemate

Summertime and the living is easy. We wear relaxed clothes and swim suits. The sun bathes us in warmth and awakens the romantic within. We turn to our significant others, give them a penetrating look; however, they ask if we are sick with a fever. Yes, we have a fever, a fiery craving for love and romance - we want to flee our mundane lives. The perfection and the ideals are out there for heroines and actresses- weíre not exactly chopped liver!
What we need is a completely new life, a new way of relating to others and ourselves. Most importantly, we need to learn how to appreciate ourselves. We tend to look to others to stimulate us and drive happiness into our hearts. We remember that special kiss on the beach, that perfect day in the park or that last dance and hope to recapture the magic, recreate the experience again. However, perfect bliss is fleeting and always searching for it robs us of happiness.
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Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
I totally support my daughter and her love for school athletics. However, as a mother, I am concerned about her obsession with weight loss. How can I support her goals, yet advise her about her unhealthy eating habits without making things worse?Answer

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Radio Show Guest of the Week - Kevin Griffin
Tune into the Turn On Your Inner Light Radio Show Sunday mornings 7:30 - 8:00am on WHLI 1100 AM in Long Island. ( show archive).
On July 11, 2004 - Kevin Griffin writer, meditation teacher and musician. His book, One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and the Twelve Steps, will help you let go of dysfunctional behavior to lead a richer life

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