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August 12, 2008

Affirmation of the Week
Enlightenment is not a static treasure;
rather, you must always seek it.

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Featured Show - Phil Cousineau

Aug 12, 2008 Show - Phil Cousineau is a fellow of the Campbell foundation, documentary film maker and author of Stoking the Creative Fires. Isn’t it time you tapped into your creativity?

Aug 05, 2008 Show - Victoria Cass is the author of In the Realm of the Gods: Lands, Myths and Legends of China. All eyes are pointed to Beijing; let’s learn about the tales of magic that mesmerize us and convey Chinese values.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • People at high risk for dementia who took cholesterol-lowering statins are half as likely to develop dementia as those who do not take statins according to a new study.
  • One of the reasons people on low-carbohydrate diets may lose weight is that they reduce their intake of fructose, a type of sugar that can be made into body fat quickly
  • Supplements of fish oil and red yeast rice, coupled with lifestyle changes in diet and exercise habits, can reduce cholesterol as much as standard cholesterol-lowering medications known as statins.
  • Losing weight can increase Vitamin D levels because Vitamin D is fat soluble and it may get locked up in extra fat tissue and become less available when we get too heavy. Also, beware of getting too much Vitamin A as it competes with Vitamin D for the same protein to be effective.
  • Maintaining golf courses requires the constant use of herbicides and insecticides. While some golfers may wonder if they are being poisoned in their pursuit of pleasure, new research from UMass Amherst shows that residues of two widely used insecticides picked up by golfers in a typical golf game do not pose a health risk.
  • As testosterone progressively dominates the hormonal milieu during the menopausal transition, the prevalence of metabolic syndrome increases according to a new study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center. The study suggests this may be one of the reasons why cardiovascular disease increases during menopause.
  • New research links overeating and obesity with the brain system implicated in pleasure and addictive behaviors strengthening the argument that obesity could be approached as an addictive disorder.
  • A study suggests the secret to low heart disease rates in Japan is a diet that is rich in fish with high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Those who drink in excess of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines (i.e., men who usually drink more than two drinks per day or women who usually drink more than one drink per day) or those who binge drink are at increased risk for metabolic syndrome.
  • New research published in the Journal of Food Science suggests that marinating meats may decrease the cancer-forming compounds called heterocyclic amines (HCA), which are produced during grilling, by over 70 percent.

Article of the Week
Shopping Is a Great De-stressor

Shopping, which brings a smile to so many women, has mostly been decried as a sinister activity: “Money can’t buy you love,” “You are filling an empty heart,” “You are committing financial infidelity against your mate,” “This is what bored housewives do,” or “You are a slave to fashion.” Throughout the decades husbands have chided their wives as though they were silly school girls about their purchases. I admit it. I have been prejudiced against women who shop, worried that this expensive distraction could be covering up an intense loneliness, an escape from the inner self. And for many women shopping is avoidant coping with a hefty price tag. However, when it comes to shopping, we all know that one size does not fit all. Shopping, when in balance, might just serve as a great stress-management strategy!

We all know first-hand that nothing deadens the heart like routine and have experienced how change can be inspirational and stimulating. Shopping for new clothes, accessories, jewelry or knick-knacks wakes us up either to new possibilities or reshuffles some old ones in surprising new ways. We feel alive and different. Our moods are uplifted by the creativity of that rare find. Also, we enjoy the journey of the treasure hunt, no rush here. more

The Perfect Gift
For Caregivers who are stressed and need advice on

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