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Sept 25, 2007

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Guest of the Week - Brenda Anderson

This week's show:
Sept 25, 2007 Show - Brenda Anderson, a vice-president for global business development and author of Playing the Quantum Field. It’s time to play in the power zone instead of being stuck in a black hole.

Sept 18, 2007 Show - Maryam Webster is an energy coach and author of Everyday Bliss for Busy Women (Spring 2008). Learn a few energizing strategies to feel better physically and mentally.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • According to the AMA, individuals who take vitamin D supplements appear to have a lower risk of death from any cause over an average follow-up time of six-years.
  • A new Canadian study shows that people with type 2 diabetes who began exercising developed better blood sugar control, especially if they did aerobic exercise and lifted weights.
  • According to the University of Pennsylvania depression is a cause for early retirement in middle age.
  • Eating apples or drinking apple juice is associated with decreased symptoms and a lower risk for developing asthma and wheezing among children - an apple a day does keep the doctor away.
  • A new study found that people reported hearing their phone ring or feeling it vibrate when it had not actually rung. This is called "ringxiety." The more frequently a person uses a phone, the more likely to hear a phantom ring. The study also shows that some people rely on their cell phones to regulate moods and maintain social connectedness. Those people who prefer to use their phones for text messaging, rather than talking, show higher levels of loneliness, social anxiety and problem phone use.
  • The chronic stress that spouses and children develop while caring for Alzheimer’s disease patients may shorten the caregivers’ lives by as much as four to eight years. The latest research provides concrete evidence that the effects of chronic stress can be seen both at the genetic and molecular level in chronic caregivers’ bodies.
  • Chewing sugarless gum helps control cavities by generating saliva which neutralizes the acid that the bacteria produce.

Article of the Week
The Mommy Wars – Be a Winner

On Sunday I overheard two women viciously arguing in the gym. No, it wasn’t over a spinning bike, but rather about being a good mother. The barbs and menacing tone almost escalated to martial arts! Karen, an attorney, defended her position as a working mother while Ailene kept lunging at her saying, “You’re just rationalizing! Your nanny is raising your children and instilling her personal values. Let’s hope she’s not a serial killer!” Karen countered, “Better a nanny with my children than a bitter, unfulfilled drudge like you!” At this point a personal trainer interceded and pulled them apart.

To work inside the home and raise your children or to work outside the home and raise your children – has fired up passionate responses from both camps in The Mommy Wars. These two lifestyles choices have ostensibly escalated into a full fledged rift stemming from the competitive nature of most women who tend to compete with their girlfriends, driven by jealousy. Sometimes this kind of jealousy is beneficial because it inspires women to emulate what they see in their girlfriends and be the best that they can be. The darker side of jealousy and competition is that the motivation is based on personal insecurity and a lack of self-knowledge about signature strengths. In short, the mommy war is internally driven – the self against the self.

Why do we get so angry at the other side, unable to accept a different opinion? more

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