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Nov 6, 2007

Affirmation of the Week
If opportunity doesn’t knock,
build a door.

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Guest of the Week - Mark Liponis, MD

This week's show:
Nov 06, 2007 Show - Mark Liponis, MD, medical director of Canyon Ranch Health Resorts and author of UltraLongevity. Learn how to live longer and in better health.

Oct 30, 2007 Show - David D. Clarke, MD was named a top doctor, twice, by Portland Monthly Magazine, creator of an award winning seminar on stress illness and author of They Can’t Find Anything Wrong! Get at the root cause of your stress and finally get rid of it.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • Some children with dyslexia struggle to read because their brains aren’t properly wired to process fast-changing sounds, according to a new brain-imaging study which found that sound training via computer exercises can literally rewire children’s brains. This will correct the sound processing problem and improve reading.
  • The daily commute may be taking more of a toll than people realize. A new study by researchers at the University of Southern California and the California Air Resources Board found that up to half of Los Angeles residents’ total exposure to harmful air pollutants occurs while people are traveling in their vehicles. Diesel trucks and accelerating from a stop were the worst offenders. What does this mean in your city? Shortening your commute and spending less time in the car will significantly reduce your total body burden of harmful pollutants.
  • A new childhood obesity study links watching lots of TV to high blood pressure in obese children.
  • Anti-bacterial products, particularly those containing the ingredient triclosan, leave a larger portion of resistant bacteria behind to proliferate and cause super bugs. In general, antibiotics are being overused. For example, they are in animal feed. Soap and water still works and doesn’t create resistant bacteria.
  • A long lasting low-fat diet might lower the risk of ovarian cancer for post-menopausal women.
  • The FDA has approved Voltaren Gel, the first prescription skin gel to treat osteoarthritis joint pain
  • Men who consume a higher amount of whole grain breakfast cereals may have a reduced risk of heart failure according to JAMA.

Article of the Week
How to Make New Friends

Throughout the years we lose friends from our dwindling collection because of distance, both physical and emotional. Sometimes a friendship becomes toxic as a friend can betray us in the deepest consequence; they know us so well. Sadly, we terminate the relationship, feeling a bit lonelier and emptier. We want to fill the void. It’s not easy making friends anymore or is it?

There are two basic impediments to making new friends. The first is our fear of rejection: To make that first move. Many of us see women socializing at the school bus stop, a community gathering or at the gym, but we are afraid to initiate conversation, often making the excuse, “They're a clique.” Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and approach them with a warm smile and greeting. You can even prepare a witty sentence or two in advance to sound clever. Compliments go a long way in paving the way to more conversation. “I have been noticing your …and I just had to tell you…”

The second impediment to making new friends is not as obvious at the first. It is our need for instant gratification. We want a friend as soon as we meet him or her and so, overwhelm the other person. Our desperation causes the other person to see a neon light sign above our head: Beware Needy Person. Nowadays, every self-help guru advises people to stay away from energy vampires, drama queens and people without boundaries. Therefore you must go the opposite route. Slow down and take it easy to see if it’s reciprocal.

I remember years ago moving into my new neighborhood, more

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