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Dec 18, 2007

Affirmation of the Week
Speak to the negative voices in your head:
Shut up and be happy!

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Guest of the Week - Dr. Debra Mandel

This week's show:
Dec 18, 2007 Show - Dr. Debra Mandel, psychologist, speaker, columnist and author of Dump that Chump! Learn that breaking up isnít hard to do.

Dec 11, 2007 Show - Dr. Jenn Berman, a family therapist and author of The A to Z Guide of Raising Happy, Confident Kids. Learn how to establish the balance between freedom and boundaries.

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Health Tips of the Week

  • Excess drinking of sugary beverages like soda may increase the risk of Alzheimerís disease, suggests new research in mice. Although the exact mechanisms arenít known, obesity and diabetes are both associated with higher incidences of Alzheimerís.
  • Ironically, the sleep patterns of patients in the intensive care unit are so superficial that they barely spend any time in the restorative stages of sleep that aid in healing. Physicians must seek sleep-improving strategies.
  • Researchers present new data that demonstrate how diets full of raw vegetables ( particularly broccoli sprouts. and black raspberries) could prevent or slow the growth of some common forms of cancer,
  • The behavior of children with autism may improve during a fever, according to a first-of-kind study. Researchers hypothesize that fever may restore nerve cell communications in regions of the autistic brain. The restoration may help children improve socialization skills during a fever.
  • Green tea has an anti-tumor effect in breast cancer cells. Women who drink green tea as in Asian countries have a lower incidence of breast cancer. Green tea both inhibits breast cancer tumor growth and destroys cancer cells.
  • Adults over age 60 who had higher levels of cardiorespiratory fitness lived longer than unfit adults, independent of their levels of body fat, according to a study in JAMA.
  • People with high blood pressure may find relief from Transcendental Meditation, according to a definitive, large new study on stress reduction programs and high blood pressure.
  • Research at the University of Haifa found that, contrary to common belief, young adults who maintain a close or moderate relationship with their parents exhibit greater independence in their personal lives than those who have a distant relationship.

Article of the Week
Metamorphosis Made Easy

Normally, we donít consider an egg, caterpillar, or pupa, or to be beautiful. Itís the dazzling butterfly that lures our attention. On a butterfly farm in Costa Rica I experienced the magic of metamorphosis close-up and personal, where I realized that each stage of life has its own beauty. I saw pupae that looked like golden earrings and miniature Faberge Eggs. In fact, so did the entire community where the butterfly farm was situated. Murals on walls and shops painted by noteworthy artists honored the theme of mystery and beauty that wishes to fly free, yet trapped in a human world which is removed from nature. The inspiration to be extracted the way a butterfly sips nectar from a flower: We must give up our need to control and surrender to our animal nature, letting ourselves be overtaken by transformation.

For Pre-Columbian culture butterflies symbolized color and light. They were responsible for the renovation of life. When we contemplate butterflies, we see that we have the ability to interact with nature, remember its myths and embrace our identity.

When we think of butterflies, the phrase, butterflies are free comes to mind. However, we also have butterflies in the stomach Ė stress. We are both victimizers and victims of our own negative thoughts. When we are upset, those around us become upset. more

The Perfect Gift
For Caregivers who are stressed and need advice on

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