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January 30, 2006

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Affirmation of the Week
Instead of building
a wall around yourself
try building a bridge.

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Guest of the Week - Dewey Sadka

On Jan 31, 2006 - Dewey Sadka, founder of one of the largest employment agencies in the country, creator of the first scientifically validated color-based personality test and author of the Dewey Color System for Relationships. Discover your true colors!

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Health Tips of the Week

  • The American Heart Association has changed its opinion about soy. The studies are in and soy has no special beneficial impact on cardiovascular risk. However, if you replace foods rich in saturated fat with soy, then you are getting some overall benefit there.
  • According to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine patients seeking treatment for work-related low back pain reduce their pain with heat wraps. Physicians explain that heat wraps donít heal damaged tissue; they just make you feel better which gets you back to work sooner. Nature generally heals within 2 months. Whatever you do, donít rest in bed. Keep on moving sensibly. Some people swear by ice and others by heat. Whatever works for you!
  • The FDA recommends that a prescription weight loss drug, xenical, be sold as an over-the-counter medication. It will be marketed under the brand name Alli at 60 milligrams and sold along with dietary and exercise advice.
  • In terms of heart treatment, heart attack victims seem to do better with angioplasty rather than clot-destroying drugs. Not all hospitals have rapid access to angioplasty Ė I suggest you identify one near you.

Article of the Week
Sleep Your Weight Away

These days just about everyone I meet wants to lose weight. Itís at the top of the wish list. However, no one wants to feel deprived and hungry or give up comfort food Ė those forbidden snacks that remind us of childhood and temporarily raise our serotonin levels. And when it comes to an exercise program, everyone has excuses why exercising does not fit into the schedule from: ďIím just too tiredĒ to ďI donít have time to go to the gym, shower, change and drive home.Ē Apparently, with exercise itís an all or nothing proposition. Some people are even taking appetite suppressants to curb their hunger hoping that the side effects donít apply to them. Everyone is praying for a genie in a bottle. However, there is something almost as good: Sleeping your weight away!

When you sleep through the night, your fat cells secrete a hormonal appetite suppressant called Leptin which also triggers the metabolism to burn more calories. Exactly how and why Leptin works is still not clearly understood by scientists.

Research also shows that sleep helps you deal with daytime stress both mind and body. more

Frank Mikulka's Fitness Tip Of The Week
Effective 30 Minute Workout

My schedule has become a little more hectic and itís chipping into my workout time. How can I have an effective workout in about 30 minutes? (Sandi, West Babylon)Answer

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