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Debbie Mandel

How Not to be a Desperate Housewife: Many of us live lives of quiet desperation. Learn how to trust your intuition, recharge your sexuality and awaken your creativity. Choose freely to work at home or leave the nest.

Reverse the Clock, Naturally. Learn what robs you of vitality, your true beauty, and what restores it. Eat, sleep and laugh away the years. Exercise your control over the aging process and therefore your health.

Go to Sleep and Stay Asleep. Don’t bother counting sheep, it’s too boring. A host of techniques, including diet, specific exercises and self-hypnosis will help you to sleep without drugs.

Boost Your Immune System: The answer to cancer, Alzheimer’s and other auto-immune diseases is the psycho-physical balance. Learn how to prevent disease and/or partner your healing with the medical community.

Manage Your Pain Without Using Drugs that have harmful side effects. Tap into your relaxation response. Listen to your body: what is your pain trying to tell you? Heal your mind to heal your body. Learn how to distract yourself from the pain.

Hooked On the Pain: Exercise Addiction. Learn how to take back your power; don’t abuse your body to numb the pain and mask your unhappiness. Stop overtraining and learn to love yourself.

Anger Management: Learn how to communicate emotionally and assertively; not aggressively. When you reinterpret negatives into positives, you can let it go and achieve serenity.

It’s Not Baby Fat Anymore! Help your children find self-esteem, positive energy and a healthy lifestyle to carry with them through adulthood.

The KIND Program- Kids In Need of De-stressing. Help your children manage their stress levels to be happier, healthier and academically successful.

Baby Boomers Boost Your Memory. USA Today has called Alzheimer’s an impending national catastrophe. Learn the steps to prevent Alzheimer’s and at the same time boost your thinking! Make up your mind to keep your mind and shed toxic stress.

The Nun's Workout: Changing Habits Debbie Mandel together with S. Peggy Tully, OP has created mind/body workshops for nuns to strengthen the body to hold the spirit. These wellness workshops present de-stressing tools and fitness workouts to promote physical and emotional health and balance. The exercises serve as physical affirmations and are executed as movements that matter to increase range of motion and life quality. If the Sisters are doing it, changing habits, how about you?

Turn On Your Inner Light: Fitness for Body, Mind & Soul
Inside every individual exists a powerful capacity for healing and transformation so as to stand up for the self--truthfully. Our life-path nudges us to move beyond personal doubts and fears through positive perception. Some people let defeat ruin them; others let victory ruin them. It is neither the win nor the loss that makes you triumphant, only your feelings. In her book, Turn On Your Inner Light, Debbie Mandel draws the reader out of the cocoon, the dark place where there is no room to breathe or feel, and into the light of creativity and empowerment. She frees the mind with science and story, original relaxation techniques, along with exercises and prescriptions for health and fitness. Discover how to handle:
* Burnout * Psychosomatic Pain * Addiction * Insomnia * Romance * Fear *

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